Canwich, coming soon.

To a vending machine near you.

I've just watched Today Tonight.
An article on canned foods from vending machines.
A $$$$ producing expanding market.

Let's face it, canned powdered eggs and powdered milk are not new. Armies have been using them in their kitchens for yonks. After all, transporting fresh eggs and milk for armies in peace times just isn't on; armies in war areas? Mission impossible. Think of the mess created when a helicopter drops a food supply containing 1000 fesh eggs.......

But let's get back to the vending machines. We've laughed at stories and emails sent around about spray can cheese, (cheezwizz?), we've seen the whole canned chicken.
Even the canned cheeseburger; boil, (in the can), open, eat.

Now they're doing "canwiches".
Peanut Butter and Jelly on a roll; sealed, vacuumed, canned.
Cinnamon Roll with chocolate drizzle; sealed, vacuumed, canned.
BBQ Chicken Roll; sealed, vacuumed, canned.
There's more, but I wasn't quick enough to scribble them all down.

I did write down the Lamb Shanks in a bag. Cooked of course. Then vacuum sealed.
All available from vending machines.
The fastest of fast food.
Shelf life of these articles varies between one and five years apparently.

Frankly, this type of thing annoys me. Most of the world, (including me), is overweight and/or sick, from a lack of fresh, healthy foods.
Jamie Oliver is spearheading a campaign to get kids and adults back into kitchens and cooking fresh foods.
People everywhere are making a stand against transfats; genetically modified grains; salt and sugar content.
Digging up their gardens to grow vegetables. Lots of them are trying the heirloom vegetables available and finding them prolific producers and yummy too.

We all eat canned ham, canned corned beef, fish. But we put these in salads or sandwiches made with fresh ingredients, not year old bread from a can.....
We also have vacuum sealed cooked chicken and turkey products (mostly wings), available in the meat departments of supermarkets, but they're labelled with a use-by date that definitely isn't 2015.

Yet this enormous processed- long life- food market is allowed to develop even further?
There was even a joke made about a vegemite Canwich being made.
That's carrying things too far, don't you think?


  1. I can't see it taking off here frankly. Fresh food is too cheap and plentiful. Probably handy for the desperate trucker but that's about it.

  2. I don't think even a desperate trucker would go for it. Don't they all love their steak sandwiches made fresh while they flirt with the waitress/short-order cook?

  3. I don't think even a desperate trucker would go for it. Don't they all love their steak sandwiches? Made fresh while they flirt with the waitress/short-order cook?

  4. Candwiches sound gross. However for some really nice convenience meals I highly recommend the Emily's Kitchen line from Woolies. Fresh, not frozen and frelling awesome.

  5. I know at the uni I used to work for (in my Bulldog sufferin' days) they had a hot french fries vending machine and a hot pizza vending machine. The thought of trying either of them horrified even the students, so they were removed a month or so later.

    I also remember reading an old myth about how people are taking longer to decompose in their coffins due to the preservatives that are in our foods....

  6. Kalamac; Emily's Kitchen? Bakery goods or meals?

    Kath; I remember seeing those pizza and fry machines on some tv shows a while ago. Didn't think they'd been out here.
    I believe the decomposition myth may have some truth behind it.

  7. I'll just stick to the pensioner's specials, baked beans in the can and tomato soup.

  8. Meals. The other night I had the New York Style pepper steak with potatos and grilled vegetables. 3 minutes in the microwave, cooked through perfectly.

  9. JahTeh; I eat a lot of baked beans too, with tomato soup I don't like it plain, so I add finely chopped veg and some pre-cooked pasta shells too.

    kalamac; the meals sound like something I could try, I was wondering if they had bakery goods as well.


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