happy birthday to me

Last Monday was my birthday. There were no candles on my cake. There wouldn't have been enough room.
Certain members of my family have a knack for finding the perfect card.

This years cards:
From the kids.....

and inside...(a little blurry)

From my brother....

inside....(again, a little blurry)

So true.
We all had a lovely family lunch on the Sunday, I haven't seen my lounge room so full of people for quite a while. We rarely all get together like this, everyone is too busy doing what they do.
So major holidays are when we all catch up with what's going on.
Of course, there's always email and phone calls, but nothing beats getting together enmasse.


  1. Aww happy birthday River. And many, many happy returns. Hope you scoffed plenty of chocolate.

  2. Happy belated birthday, good to hear you had a ball :)

  3. Happy birthday River,

    I get the feeling that you like a little chocolate (or maybe a lot ...).

    Here's to many more.




  4. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    One cake too small?
    Buy TWO!

    Happy Birthday, you ol' cutie.

    Most Loved Commentor, 2007.

    (Slipped a bit since then)

  5. Baino; the scoffing was mostly done by the teenager.

    Jayne; thank you.

    Plasman; Yes, chocolate is part of my daily life, although now and again I go for a week or two without any.

    R.H. ; There were two cakes, but smallish ones, since none of us eats a lot of cake. It would have taken longer to light the candles than it did to cook the lunch.

  6. Happy Birthday, dear River!
    Oh and remember: unlike birthdays, you can never have too many chocolates.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday River. Hope the year to come is full of wonderful surprises! :-)

  8. Kath; I'm of the opinion that one can't have too many birthdays either. The more the better as far as I'm concerned. Too few would be tragic....

    Lightening; Thank You, there's already been a surprise or two.


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