todays cooking tip

But don't get fooled, this won't be a regular thing. Cooking tips are not my thing.

When making cream cheese frosting, the Light Philadelphia Spreadable Cream Cheese, will give your frosting the slightly gluey texture often found in diet frostings and sauces.

This is probably due to the Guar-Gum and Locust-Bean Gum in the cheese.
This is what makes it spreadable I suppose.

I don't like this so much, so next time I'll stick with the regular block Philly. Full cream or full fat or whatever it is.
All of you out there can make your own choices.

Now, here is the real tip. Do NOT mindlessly taste test the frosting until there is barely enough to cover your carrot cake.

You're welcome.


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  2. LOL -- I LOOOOVE cream cheese frosting, it's the best part of a carrot cake!

  3. I do use the 'gummy' philly because it's less than 5% fat, and I save all my fat for chocolate eating. Plus, once you've added some icing sugar and a bit of lemon you're set!

  4. FONTY; if I ever have need of a fancy font, I'll be sure to visit.

    Toni; cream cheese frosting is the only reason to eat carrot cake.

    Kath; now, now Kath, icing sugar and lemon do not add fat. I wonder if the frosting would work as a cream type filling in a chocolate bar?

  5. I hate the less fat cream cheese, in fact I hate all less fat food. How come it costs more than full fat?

  6. JahTeh; I often say the same thing, after all they've removed the fat so surely we should pay less? in reality, there's more processing to be done to achieve the lower fat percentage, so those costs have to be recovered.
    I've noticed though, that full fat foods are more satisfying, so a small serve of a full fat whatever is enough until the next meal, while a low fat leaves your mouth and stomach unsatisfied, so you eat more and more often, trying to satisfy theat "empty" feeling.


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