sale, sale, sale

Last Wednesday morning, on my way to work, I noticed a thick bundle of store catalogues poking out of my letterbox. I thought about pushing them all the way in, but didn't, figuring it would be easier to just pull them all the way out when coming home again, instead of fishing for the key, unlocking the box, locking it up again.

Well, it rained. Hard. Most of the day.
So the catalogues were soaked by the time I got home.
I separated them carefully and draped each one over the clothes rack in front of the heater.
By Saturday evening they were dry enough to read. One of the K-Mart ones was dvd's and games, every page.

Several of the pages had cowboy movies pictured. Woo-hoo!! Cowboy movies!! I love these.
Many of the titles were old favourites that I'd been longing to see again.
Shenandoah, Rio Lobo, Rio Grande, North To Alaska and others. And they were only $7-$9 each!

I had a little shopping spree the next day.......


  1. I'm a catalogue reader, too - have spotted a lot of Christmas bargains (esp for Sapphire) around this time of year. can keep your cowboy movies though :)

  2. Kath; I'm surprised none of the catalogues have their Fathers Day specials yet. Mothers Day gets catalogues 6 weeks in advance.

  3. I love those old movies and trawling through catalogues :)

  4. Jayne; I love furniture catalogues too. I flip through and add up the cost of all the tings I'd buy if I could afford them, then congratulate myself on "saving" all that money because I haven't bought the stuff.

  5. JB Hifi had a buy two get one free so I have Stargate Continuium, Dark City and Lord of the Rings:return of the King. I was going to get all 3 of LotR but was too knackered to go through all the dvds.


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