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With my current shoulder trouble, I'm having a few problems

Being unable to properly stretch out the shoulders, I'm finding it difficult to wash myself.
So I've come up with a solution.

See? An old fashioned cotton dish mop.
A little bend in the handle, soap it up, and underarms are more easily washed.
(other *ahem* areas too)
genius, yes?

These are the two chairs I spent most of the day in last Sunday.
Just look at that glorious sunshine!

I like this one because it's adjustable, also because of the footrest, so I can lay back with feet up and just soak up the sun and fresh air.

This is the folding bamboo chair that hubby brought home after someone tossed it out for the hard rubbish collection. Look at the lovely markings on the bamboo. It's a very upright chair, but still comfortable.

Lastly, this year's very first blossom, on the tree which, this year, will finally be large enough to shade my front window.

I hope I've brought some smiles today.


  1. Good thinking with the dish mop!
    Love the spring blossom :)

  2. I pick my first flower today, we have had so much rain lately that all the flowers have been damaged by too much water.

  3. Jayne; I thought of one of those long handled back scrubber thingys, but they're rigid, I couldn't have angled the handle. Plus, this mop was really cheap at the supermarket.

    Frances; isn't it lovely when spring flowers first appear after the long cold days.

    Frogdancer; isn't it just? I first saw it covered in dust and cobwebs.

  4. I'm loving the dishmop idea! Maybe you should approach the Body Shop or Coles own brand and see if they can develop something for all of us to use! :)

  5. Kath; maybe a slightly flexible handle with one of those net scrubbing balls, or similar, but softer, that usually have just a rope to hang them from? Not a bad idea. Body shop eh? Hmmm.


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