another first for me


( I love this picture...)

Today, I had my first ever massage.
It was a lovely experience, although a little painful.
I'm told I can expect to be a little sore tomorrow, but since I'm achy all the time anyway, it's not likely to bother me. Too much. I hope.

My niece G came to visit me recently and we got to discussing our genetic inheritance. Both of us are fairly inflexible in the neck and shoulder area, I remember my mum was too. G asked if I'd ever had a massage, she has them on a regular basis and they help. I said I'd never had one.

A week later, G dropped in on her way home from work with a surprise gift for me.
Two gift certificates, each for a half hour massage at the Sports Med clinic.

I had one today and made the appointment for the second later in the month.
I'm looking forward to it.


  1. I have had very few massages in my life.

    They're lovely, though!

  2. I love love LURVE massages but only ever get them if they're a gift voucher. Having said that, I was at my brother's place the other night and he has a scary device that looks like ET's head that does a fine job of the neck and shoulders (made by homedics). Trouble is, it needs a willing person (ie Love Chunks) to do it to me....but I'm hoping that it'll be my birthday present later this year.

  3. Frogdancer and Kath; I'd definitely like to make this a regular part of my life. Just need that winning lotto ticket....


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