eeny meeny miney

This is the cartoon from today's Advertiser.
It might have come out clearer if I'd used my camera instead of my scanner.

Just in case you can't read it, here is what it says.

Yellow wall sign on left; Employment Office.
Mug; The Boss.
Blue papers on desk; Job Application, position applied for: Prime Minister.
Balloon; Eeny, Meeny, Miney...

The applicants are clearly Tony Abbott, cleverly wearing a suit instead of his budgie smugglers, and Julia Gillard, not frowning quite so hard and keeping her hands safely folded.

In my opinion, be it ever so humble, this is as good a way as any of choosing our next leader.

Agree? Disagree?


  1. Throw a dart at 'em and the first to catch it in their teeth can head up the country :P

  2. Knowing me, I'd probably put someone's eye out. i have no throwing skills at all.

  3. yep - it's a toss-up,
    I want the one who will not try to
    Rule The Ovaries Of Strangers.

  4. Just vote GREENs so that they'll at least have the balance of power and make sure that both 'big' parties stay on the right(ish) track.

  5. Ann; guess that's not Tony then.

    Kath; I used to vote Greens but it never seemed to make much difference, so the last few times I haven't. I've decided to vote for Julia, I'd like to see if she can manage the country any better than the men have for the last century or so.

  6. I'm with Kathy on the vote Greens thing. They are the only part that would change the law to allow my friends to get married. If Labor would change their position on same sex marriage I'd seriously consider voting for them.


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