finally, I got it right.

After so many recent botched attempts, I got it done just perfectly.

I'm talking about garlic bread.
I like to eat it alongside pizza.

The directions on the packet say put in oven until golden brown. I know this without even reading, since I've been baking and eating garlic bread....oh, forever....

The instructions do not say, put in oven, then forget about it while you read several blogs.
Yet this is what I've been doing.
Sad, but true.
I've thrown out so much blackened garlic bread lately, I actually had second thoughts about buying the new packet this morning.

Well, I did buy it, I baked it perfectly, and it is yummy. Hot, buttery, garlicky.
And golden brown, just as it should be.


  1. You should set one of those egg timer alarms, the $2 sort, to remind you ;)

  2. Nom nom nom. I love garlic bread,it is one of my absolute favorite foods. But, yeah, I've done that too. Hehe.

    I really wanted to say thank you for your comment the other day on my post about my neighbor. It was very, very comforting and it's kept coming back to me- it's made me feel much better about the whole situation. Thanks :)

  3. Jayne; I really just need to focus more on real life instead of blogland.

    Lori; you're welcome.

  4. I so feel like some garlic bread right now after drinking too much coffee and trying too many different chocolates....

  5. I love garlic bread and Naan bread and sourdough bread and french baguettes and olive panne. Baker's Delight lures me as often as a chocolate wrapper leads me to the devil.


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