wandering along the street....

...on my way to the shops this morning, I saw this->

The same yard had two other bushes, each with rosebuds.

Spring is on its way.


  1. Yay, not before time, it' frickin' freezing here this morning.

  2. Please tell me you nicked it, I'd hate to be the only person who steals over the fence flowers.

  3. That's beautiful, River.
    Maybe you could sell it to a greeting card company and see your handiwork featured on the 'With Deepest Sympathy' cards!

  4. Frogdancer; I pass this house daily and the rosebuds which start out palest pink open to white.

    Baino; In spite of preferring rainy days, I'll be glad to see more sunshine and flowers too, but I'm dreading the summer heat.

    JahTeh, no, I didn't nick it, although I have been known to "accidentally" knock loose a sprig or two of a succulent which I then plant in pots at home. Mostly these are outside the fences of communal places, not homes, though. I did once steal a flower and got chased down the street a little way by a tiny woman weilding a rake. Another time I was very firmly told off by the lady of the house, so I don't reach into gardens anymore.

  5. Kath; That's a nice idea; how do I do something like that?

  6. Kath, that's not a bad idea. How would I go about doing that? Any ideas? For instance would I approach a company directly? Email?


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