The last time I made a *beef stew, I froze four individual sized portions for future meals.

Today I thawed the last one of those for dinner.
I planned on having it with mashed potato and green beans.

But, I had no potatoes. I'd used the last one on the weekend and forgotten to buy another one on my way home today.
So I turned it into a curry and served it over boiled rice instead.

Gently heat two teaspoons of oil with a teaspoon of curry powder.
When smelling fragrantly of yummy curry, add some thinly sliced vegetables.
Whatever you have handy is fine. I had a half carrot, a half red onion and a broccoli stalk.
Stir until veg is softened, add left over beef stew, simmer until heated through, while rice cooks.


* This particular beef stew is more of a stovetop casserole with a canned tomato base and no gravy thickening.
Gravy based stews don't do well as curries when using up leftovers.


  1. Oooh, I feel like that for lunch today - I'm freezing here and it's only 11am....

  2. Jayne; it was yummy, although a teaspoon of curry wasn't quite enough.

    Kath; this will definitely warm you up.


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