to plan or not to plan

Don't plan?

While I'm at work, I'll sometimes plan my afternoons. Then work gets insanely busy and by the time I get home, all I want is to crawl into bed for a nap. So I do. When I wake up it's too late for any of the things I planned to do.

When I have a holiday coming up, like a long weekend, or maybe a week of annual leave, I'll make plans for each of the days available. Most of these don't work out. If I plan to go walking with my camera, it will rain every day, and I don't like the camera to get wet. If I plan to shop for a few new things, I'll get home on the last day of work to find a huge electricity bill waiting for me.

If I plan to visit kids or friends, more often than not, they're out or otherwise occupied and a visit would be inconvenient.

I have noticed that when I don't make plans, I have days and days of beautiful weather stretching ahead of me, but since I haven't actually planned anything, I can't decide what to do.
So I'll check my emails, then decide to read a blog or two, by the time I finish reading it's well past lunch time.......and I reserve the evenings for leaving comments usually.

Meals fall into this trap too. I'll decide to eat a healthy dinner with plenty of vegetables. Tomorrow. Because today I'm eating chocolate cake. When tomorrow comes around, the veg stay in the fridge while I heat some frozen leftover soup instead.

Is this what eventual retirement is going to be like for me? Dilly-dally? Wishy-washy? Can't decide, so do nothing? Right now I can't wait to get back to work. Tomorrow I'll probably feel much different.

This is quite unlike me. Am I just thinking of this now because I'm a little frustrated at being home for an indeterminate amount of time, yet I can't do many of the things I'd like to, because my shoulder is out of action? For instance I'd love to take this time to whip the garden into shape, or at least buy pots and bags of compost, I already have seeds and cuttings.....but I've been ordered not to raise my arms above rib height. So as not to further damage the shoulder. Which is a lot less painful now that I'm not using it.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Plan on visiting your library, borrow some books and see what the day brings ;)

  2. I plan maybe 10 minutes in advance. The intention is to be more organised than that, but it rarely happens.
    Having said that, I have no idea what i will be doing 10 minutes from now...

  3. Jayne; I have three local libraries all within walking distance, the furthest being a 40 minute walk. I currently have a stack of books from the closest one, but I don't seem to be able to settle into a book like I used to. Clearly I'm choosing the wrong books.

    Cate P; welcome. I'm a planner and used to sit down after dinner and write a list of things to do the next day, then cross off each item as it's done. There is such a list on my fridge right now. It's been there 10 days....


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