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The front page of today's Adelaide paper, the Sunday Mail, tells us we have a hung parliament.
Pretty much as I expected really.
So the counting continues, with postal votes trickling in from all over the country, maybe even a few absentee votes still coming in from overseas.
But enough of all that.

Today is a perfect spring day. Yes, I know it's still August, so not "officially" spring, but mother nature has seen fit to give us a taste of things to come.

The upturned bowl of our sky is a beautiful blue, ringed by streaky and fluffy clouds visible over neighbouring rooftops.
The wind is cold still, but the sun is so wonderfully warm. If a place in the sun, out of the wind, can be found, outside is a beautiful place to be today.
I have such a place, just outside my front door. A breeze finds its way there, but the main gust of winds misses it.

I've dragged the lawn lounger out from its hidey-hole, brushed off the spider webs and set it up.
There's a folding bamboo chair too, with a more upright back, but no footrest. This was a great find a couple of years ago during the hard rubbish collection week. It was missing a screw, that's all.
For the want of a single screw, someone tossed this treasure onto their rubbish pile. Hubby brought it home, found a screw that fit and I've sat on it, in the sun, on many a fine day.

For most of the morning, I've been sitting or lounging outside, warming the old bones, listening to the parrots raucously fighting over the treats to be found in the big gum tree.
In vain I've tried to spot them, but they're well hidden amongst the leaves, only seen now and again when they take flight.

I thought about going for a walk on this beautiful day, but I've had two coffees already and I don't fancy rushing from one public toilet to another instead of strolling wherever the fancy takes me.

If this weather keeps up though, I'll be forsaking the coffee in days to come, in favour of a train ride out to the beach, with my camera of course. I can catch a bus into town and wander the Botanic Gardens, maybe even get to the Zoo.

Now that I'm off work, my time is my own. I'm not even wearing my watch anymore.


  1. Enjoy the sun, it's rain for all of next week.
    Tomorrow is the only day that looks okay.

  2. JahTeh, you're probably getting the rain that we had all last week.

  3. Was a splendiferous weekend wasn't it?

  4. That's GREAT, River! Just relax and take good care of yourself - that's what sick leave is for! :) And bloody 'ell - Christopher Pyne got in again!

  5. Baino; one of the best.

    Kath; Christopher Pyne? Oh no. I voted for Kate Ellis.

  6. What a fab find!
    Yep, Spring was sprung at lest a month ago and we're just catching up to Mother Nature lol.

  7. Jayne; so much for spring. Wet and windy all day today. which I also like, so that's okay.


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