if blood nauseates you, don't read this.

I have an umbrella that I rarely use, because it's a little difficult to close.
I keep it in my locker at work as an emergency brolly.
Today I needed it, as it was pouring rain when I was leaving work.
Once home, I left it open in the shower to drip dry.
Then I tried to close it.

It pinched my finger pad, ripping off a miniscule piece of flesh.
Gah! I'm bleeding!
Covered it with a bandaid, which looked like this immediately.

Within a minute, the absorbent pad was completely soaked and blood was seeping through the sticky part of the bandaid. All the way around the finger and pooling in the groove around my fingernail.

Soon after, blood was dripping off the tip of the bandaid.

Who knew such a tiny, wound could bleed so much so quickly?
At this point, I removed the yucky bandaid and put on two clean ones.
The bleeding has slowed considerably, but that tiny wound is going to sting when I get it in hot water tomorrow morning.
It's always the smallest cuts that sting when showering.


  1. Yep, it's like paper cuts, sting like hell. You need a bigger band aid! And I don't own an umbrella would you believe.

  2. My Dad would say, "Ah, she's a bleeder and when you get older, that's a good thing." And he'd mean it in the most flattering and kind way of course.

    SUE that umbrella company! :)

  3. Toni; didn't hurt at all at the time.

    frogpondsrock; but it's such a pretty umbrella.

    Baino;you don't own an unbrella?? What do you use to poke away people who follow you asking for $2 when you've already told them no?

    Kath; why would that be a good thing? the brolly was a cheapie from a discount ($2) shop, so no brand name, no suing. I'll just have to be more careful. :)


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