"my" big gum tree

This beautiful tree is in a yard adjacent to mine.
I see it everyday, through my lounge room window, walking up my driveway, when I'm raking the leaves off the front lawn.

I took these photos last summer, using the zoom lens on my camera.
This one in mid afternoon.
This one a few hours later as the setting sun bathed the branches in gold.

This last one after the sun was down but before the dark of night settled.
Can you all see the bird in it?

For more than seven years I've been looking at this tree as I lay on the couch, but today for the very first time, I noticed the tree is flowering. I was walking up the driveway and glanced at the tree to see it almost completely covered in creamy blossoms. I didn't have the camera with me, so there's no photo.
Sorry about that.


  1. They are great shots, River :)
    Early spring blooms - could be a shocker of a summer we're in for.

  2. They make me feel very, very homesick for your part of Adelaide.....

  3. Jayne; the bottle brush is showing signs, and the night blooming Jasmine that's absolutely everywhere in Adelaide is also beginning to bud. That's the one I'm most allergic to, so I'm stocking up on the antihistamines. I've also bought some Fess nasal spray to see if that will help.

    Kath; awwww, don't they have big gums where you are? You're welcome to drop in and gaze at mine.


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