caramello nibbles

I was alerted to these by Kath Lockett of GoneChocco fame. You'd think I would have noticed these myself, working in a supermarket as I do.

Anyway, we had them on special, so I bought a packet or two...

and opened a packet after dinner. Tasted one. Then two, three.....

.... a few more. Before I knew it, half the packet was gone. These are seriously yummy.
Chewing them is fine, but letting one melt on your tongue is also good. The chocolate melts fairly quickly in the centre and lets the caramel break through, so you have both flavours melting together.
If you like the Caramello blocks you'll like these. The taste is a little different, somehow nicer.
The caramel in the blocks is smooth and sweet; in these tasty little morsels, the caramel is ever-so-slightly gritty and that makes it better somehow.

I decided not to eat the whole packet in one go and put them in the fridge.
(No, I didn't have to padlock the fridge and toss the key to my neighbour. I'm stronger than that.)
This morning, I woke up early, early, early and couldn't get back to sleep.
So I made a cup of coffee, took it, a good book and the rest of the nibbles back to bed with me.


  1. Top review, River! I'm going to buy a packet (or three) of them for Love Chunks because Cadbury Caramello is his favourite and I can see how the shallow shape of the disk would melt on the tongue....

    And hey, coffee - a good book in bed - and chocolate? Life is GOOD!

  2. LOL
    You've sold me and I'm not a big fan of them lol ;)

  3. Jayne; I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

    Kath, you'll have to buy three packets, so you can all have one each, there's not that many in them. When I picked the bag off the shelf I commented to a passing customer, Gosh, there's quite a bit of air in this bag. But still, there were enough that I could leave half of them for the next morning.

  4. I bought a pack of these but the chocolate was all white-ish.

  5. Frogdancer; old stock, poorly stored, take them back if you still have them and get fresh stock or a refund. Check the useby dates. Older stock is usually sold as a special to make it sell faster. Once it's out of date the store has to return it and loses its money.

  6. I hardly ever eat sweet things but last night the girls came over, we watched Chocolate and ate far more chocolate pods and malteasers than is humanly possible. Thank goodness we didn't have those, I'd have scoffed the lot.

  7. Baino; is that the movie based on the novel where a woman comes to a small French town and opens a bakery specialising in Chocolate goodies? Called Chocolat? I've seen that and I wasn't at all impressed with it. I thought the book might be better, so got it from the library, but no, not my thing at all.
    Mmmm, maltesers........

  8. Right, now I am all caught up. The gum tree is lovely. I like to take photos of the branches like that as well. There is a tree across the road from me that gets the most glorious golden glow and I can never quite do it justice with the camera.

    Caramello chocolate, meh. I am a turkish delight girl.

    I wont even comment on the horror that is the canwich.

    Panadolosteo are great for bone pain and will probably help your shoulder a bit better than just normal panadol. I hope the surgery goes well and that you aren't off work for too long. Can your children help out with the rent while you are recovering?

  9. Kim; I love turkish delight too, the problem with that is I can't stop eating it.
    The gum tree is one of the reasons I chose this unit to live in.
    I've tried Panandol Osteo, for the ache in my neck where the arthritis is, they didn't help at all unless I tripled the recommended dose and then only for a couple of hours. Thankfully my neck doesn't ache that often.


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