A Saturday post! Here! That's new.

Just thought I'd show that I haven't completely blown off Christmas decorating.

It's true that I can't be bothered getting in the big ladder, climbing up it and getting stuff out of the jam-packed Christmas cupboard.

But I was at the Cheap-as-Chips shop the other day and picked up a couple of glittery green and gold things. Those are Australia's colours you know. Not chosen intentionally because of the colours, but just because they were there, all alone on a shelf where once there were dozens. They looked lonely. So I brought them home. 

a door hanger which I attached with cable ties since I couldn't find a hook.

and this little pot filled with miscellaneous bits, a pine cone, some baubles, fake greenery (that's good, it won't wither and die) and a couple of cream coloured fake poinsettia leaves.
I like it. The whole thing is only 20cm high.

I do like glittery Christmas things

I bought the stars you'll see next from Woolworths.

Idea #1, stuff them in a jar and let them glow. The jar was too big and they all fell to the bottom and didn't look all that pretty.

So I strung them along the wall:

what do you mean you can't see them very well?

is that better? :)

I turned them on to check they worked still after I'd dropped them, then forgot to turn them off,

and spent the next couple of hours wondering why Angel was avoiding the front door. 

they're battery operated, so I can turn them on and off at will.

I even put one beside my mini aquarium,

which is simply a tall skinny glass with a handful of pebbles, a sprig of plastic greenery and a glass fish.



  1. Nice decorations River. Not over the top but still festive. I'd like one of those aquariums, I have a very poor track record with real fish.

  2. These past few years I've become a real Scrooge McDuck...I no longer put up decorations...too much of a pain having to take them all down again...so I got rid of them all, bar one golden reindeer (I think he's made of some kind of reinforced paper mache) and a Santa.

    I bring them out of their hiding place each Christmas and sit them together on my coffee table...both are about 18-inches tall. They seem to be quite content to see the light of day for a couple of weeks only once a year. They then go back into the closet!!

    Your glittery new thingies and the stars are very nice, though...particularly the little pot. It looks great. A smart idea for an aquarium, too. :)

  3. The pot plant is quite nice. Because of LEDs, lights are just so good now.

  4. You are sooooo far ahead of me. And I love your lights.

  5. Your lights are a wonderful find. LED technology has made Christmas lights so much more affordable, safer and fun. Love them

  6. Oh River I am totally impressed with your style I absolutely love it. Yes indeed it is the time of year to do something different and pretty:) Good for you. HUGS B

  7. Now, these are really pretty and enhance your place so well.
    Stay cool... it's stinking hot here. Nothing and no one is happy...

  8. fishducky; Merry Christmas to you too!

    Tracy; glass fish are so hard to find these days, they were all the rage back in the 80s, you might find some in a city junk/secondhand shop. Or you could look online. The glass is just a tall skinny drinking glass I had in the cupboard.

    Lee; I haven't decorated apart from what you see here; I usually go to other's places for Christmas dinners or lunches, so it doesn't matter so much to me now.

    Andrew; it is pretty, there was one other there exactly the same, but mangled like a toddler had played with it.

    Elephant's Child; it's only three items, you can catch up :)

    CountryMum; welcome to drifting. I like LEDs, but this small non-blinking string of lights is all I'll ever have. I don't like those blinking tree lights, they give me a headache and I no longer put up the tree anyway. Very low-key decorating here.

    Buttons Thoughts; style? I have style? you should see the rest of this place (*~*), no style here at all :)

    Vicki; it's amazing how one glittery piece can change the whole look of a room.
    I'm staying cool, airconditioner is running on high so my lounge is 22C, bedroom a little warmer, but not much, still comfortable enough to sleep. And I'm drinking a litre of water a day.

  9. Lee; you didn't notice Alan Jackson in the previous post?

    1. Sorry...I had missed the post, River...I was out most of the morning and then arrived home to some sad news...a brother of a good friend of mine passed away overnight. So much is going on at the moment...and a lot of it not too good...

      I'll go and listen to Mr. Jackson now. :)

    2. I'm so sorry to hear that Lee.

  10. I like glittery Christmas things too... good choice! I also love LED Christmas lights. Cheap to run, nice and bright and even the batteries last a long time. The star lights are very cool.

  11. Craig; welcome to drifting. I buy alkaline energizer batteries, always, so they last a lot longer.


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