hot hot hot

I heard on the news last Monday that Sunday night, December 6th, had been South Australia's hottest December night since 1897.

The temperature hovered just above 33C all night.

Yep, that's hot alright!

Thank goodness the nights have been a little cooler since then. One sweat ruined pillow is enough. 


  1. That is nigh on impossibly hot! Too hot!

    A few minutes ago I saw on the weather report that, thankfully, it's a lot cooler in Adelaide today, River. I hope the cooler temps remain.

    Let's hope the cooler temps remain all over. I think we're in for storms later this afternoon from all reports...they're heading up from north NSW.

  2. I had to google it. 33C is 91.4F--WAY too hot for night!!

  3. Hey wow, at NIGHT it being that hot... I don't know that it ever got that warm at night even when we lived in Florida. I'd trade for having four seasons here, though. But... ya gotta go where there are jobs, right? :/

  4. Gee i do like heat but not that hot....oh dear!

  5. Had to see what 33C translate in Fahren. 91 deg. F?
    Your summer has barely started!

    Sigh. Here in sunny San Diego, our Christmas-y temp, today is 84 F.

  6. I saw that. And shuddered. For you, and for my eldest brother.

  7. Lee; we're set for cooler temps for a couple of days, then Sunday will be 30C but the nights will stay cooler for about another week.

    fishducky; it sure is. I had the aircon running on high instead of low and both pedestal fans going to move that cool air around. I was able to sleep at least.

    Happy Elf Christine; if I remember the day was pretty hot too, I think it was 40C until the sun went down.

    Margaret-whiteangel; I don't like heat at all, all that sticky sweatiness is just so uncomfortable, plus the glare is migraine inducing. 25C - 27C all year would suit me just fine.

    Vicki; agreed 100%

    Susan Kane; I'm dreading what the rest of the summer will bring. If there was any way I could stay inside until April, I would do it. No question about it.

    Elephant's Child; you have a brother here?

  8. Nothing to do with global warming or greenhouse gasses though. 33 overnight is an extraordinary temperature. Praise the lord for your air conditioner and the invention of electricity.

  9. I do. He and his wife moved there after spending over thirty years in the US. They live in Hyde Park. Both their sons and their families stayed is the US.

  10. Andrew; and praise the lord for my brother who made the air conditioner happen :)

    Elephant's Child; I like Hyde Park, it's a pretty suburb, filled with many older style houses. One of the older settled suburbs.
    I don't think I'd like to move away from my kids, I see them little enough as it is with them all being so busy.

  11. You haven't even reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When it hits 120 degrees Fahrenheit then you can say it's hot! Of course, you didn't mention humidity! that makes all the difference. It is cold here. This is almost winter.Wish I could afford to go to Australia this time of year. I hate being cold!

  12. Our last summer was tolerable, but the summer before had weeks on end over 90. I hope your nights cool down quickly.

  13. Oh dear, that is hot for sure River - 'scuse me while I toddle off and wipe the icicles from my nose... x

  14. Oh dear, that is hot for sure River - 'scuse me while I toddle off and wipe the icicles from my nose... x

  15. Mohave Rat; no humidity here until about February usually. This was an overnight temperature, so quite unusually hot for us, the day was 40, which is 104F, hot enough in my opinion. There's no way I could handle 120!

    Joanne; nights are cooler right now, days too, but summer has only just begun, so temps will be rising again soon.

    Rose~from OZ; icicles? on your nose? Brrrr, I couldn't handle that, not even for 5 minutes I don't think. Of course I can't handle heat well anymore either. Getting soft in my old age :)


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