Words for Wednesday is here now!

It’s Wednesday!    
And December.  

Which means it is my turn, here at Drifting Through Life, to provide you all with words to challenge your minds.
Write a story, write a poem; the choice is yours. 

Post it here in the comments, or on your own blog; it doesn’t have to be today, but please leave a note in the comments here so we can all find you and read your creation.

Here are the words:



"He had blithely gone his own way, carelessly breaking my heart as he waved goodbye."

Have fun with it.


  1. We had walked all around the Zoo my grandson and I, stopping to admire giraffes, lions, monkeys and whatever else caught his eye. Lunch was 'monkey burgers' and zebra shakes, his favourites. The gift shop was pillaged for just the right memento of the day. Grandma's feet were tired but his smile was so bright she hardly noticed. Then, just by the gate, he spied his parents waiting to take him home. He had blithely gone his own way, carelessly breaking my heart as he waved goodbye. Ah but never mind, next weekend it's sleep over time.

    1. And you will be tired all over. And happy all over.

    2. Delores; a beautiful story and reminds me of the time I took two Grandies to the zoo. I was so tired at the end of that day, but it was worth every minute.

    3. When my children were small, we lived in Cincinnati, OH and had an annual zoo pass. It was a great outing - for a few hours or all day, depending on how we felt. Your grandson is lucky to have you in his life.

  2. Here is my bit of fun with it.....

    "Again it had happened. How could I allow myself to fall into the trap...once again? Will I ever learn?


    Turning away, I shut the door. I didn’t respond. If it was the last thing I’d do I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing how deeply he’d hurt me, but hurt me he had.

    His PALTRY explanation was a breach of my trust in him; in us; in what I thought we shared. Had our relationship meant so little to him? Could I have been so foolish; so ignorant not to have seen the shallowness of his character? His words made no sense to me. I couldn’t understand his MOTIVATION. Nothing made any sense to me. I didn’t even make any sense to me!

    Nonchalantly, he’d taken my heart and had left it in a SCHISM of a thousand pieces, scattered indifferently like tiles of a giant jigsaw puzzle. Would I be able to put the fragments together again?

    When he told me he was leaving, a knot the size of a COCONUT formed, and sat like a heavy unwanted weight in my belly.

    As he packed it was as if he was just going away on one of his regular business trips. He gave no hint of what was to come.

    And then, out of the blue, his words hit me like a ton of bricks.

    When I gained some control, my mathematical brain immediately kicked into gear as I tried to EXTRAPOLATE the significance of his words, trying to draw even an ounce of sense from what he was saying and how it would affect my future.

    All the logic I possessed; my art of reasoning and sound judgment had been wantonly stolen in mere minutes; SPIRITED away beyond my control.

    I felt helpless, alone, and bloody stupid for having been such a fool! Yes, he had hurt me, but I’d hurt myself more. I’d let myself down.

    Taking a deep breath, I said out loud: “To hell with him!”..."

    1. We have gone down similar paths this week. To hell with both of them.

    2. That we have, EC! lol Well done on your tale. :)

    3. Lee; Excellent use of the words. True story?

    4. No, River. A figment of my imagination! lol

    5. I especially like your use of coconut, Lee- I struggled a bit to fit that one in to the story now up on my blog!

    6. Extrapolate is a hard one, but I loved the way you pulled it together!

  3. He's so vain, he probably thinks this story's about him. He definitely thinks this story is about him. And has claimed centre-stage, declaiming the lines he believes are true: 'He had blithely gone his own way, carelessly breaking my heart as he waved goodbye.'
    Dream on sunshine. There is a huge schism between your view of the world and mine, one we could have a spirited debate about.
    My motivation for getting up in the morning and my happiness are not dependent on you. Not now, not ever. And, as an extrapolation from there, you are completely unimportant. In the fairground of life, you are one (of many) coconuts at the coconut shy. No more important than that. Paltry in the bigger scheme of things.

    1. Elephant's Child; ooh! somebody done somebody wrong here! (that's the title of a country song) and this is another great story.

    2. I'm going to have Carly Simon's voice in my head now all day! Such a strong woman - we should all take heed of her words, and realize our motivation for getting up should never be dependant upon anther person - coffee maybe, but not a person :)

  4. As you can all see, I've tried something new, answering each comment individually. Let me know if you prefer this to my usual method.

  5. Hi River. After a bit of a lengthy break, I added another chapter of my fictional Mindy Series on my blog today - using these words, and the ones that Susan supplied last week. It was very fun to write - thanks for the great selection!

  6. I love your choices! I will have to think about this and will post my thoughts at my site on Friday. Awesome.

  7. Susan Kane; looking forward to seeing what you write :)

  8. I certainly need some motivation to write about the schism between coconuts of a paltry or less paltry complexion. But I shall get there. :-)

    Greetings from London.


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