Friday's Christmas Song Selection

first, an apology. My Wednesday's Words on a Friday, which usually appears here, has mistakenly been posted yesterday.

Scroll on down past yesterday's Christmas song to find it.

Garth Brooks, with Trisha Yearwood and Kenny Rogers, plus a bunch of kids having a great time:

The Old Man's Back In Town


  1. This is a great, chirpy, cheery start to the day...three great artists - Garth, his wife, Trisha and Kenny...thanks, River. :)

    Glad you finally got your speakers working. Stay within easy range of that air-conditioning today!

  2. Lee; I'm glad you like it, in my world, not too many people like Kenny Rogers. Years ago, my ex #1 looked just like him for a while. Then he got fat. (the ex)
    I'm sitting right under the aircon and not doing too much today.

    1. Oh...I've always liked Kenny Rogers, River.

      I laugh when I think of a story that I used to pass around...a false story, but the many times I told it - at the time - I was innocent of the fact it was untrue. So if you heard this it, and know it originated from me!! I'm the guilty one! I put my hand up!

      For years I believed Kenny Rogers was the son of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!! And happily I told all and sundry who were willing to listen that was so! And they believed me! Oh, dear....

      And then I discovered my belief was way off target! lol

      So blame me...if someone told you that fraudulent story! I started the rumour!!! :)

  3. I quite like Kenny. A bright Christmas Song.

  4. Lee; my dad used to tell me the singer Brenda Lee was my cousin. I've no idea why. I never thought about the Roy Rogers connection.

    Margaret-whiteangel; me too; his voice has a gentle quality, helps to soothe the feathers when a person might be feeling ruffled.


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