Thursday's Christmas Song Selection

Just one more sleep kids, so you'd better get to sleep early. 
You've all been good, right?
Santa's Elves are watching.

Today's songs:

Jim Reeves

Silent Night

Glee Kids:

Deck The Rooftop (Halls)

and a more traditional version:

Deck the Halls

Thursday Thoughts?

Not today.

I'm not at home today, I'm spending the afternoon and evening with my niece G and my great nephew E. 
E is 2 and 1/4 now, so might be a little more excited about Christmas than he was last year, when to him it was just a day with people visiting to eat dinner and give him things wrapped in bright coloured paper. 
It's going to be a lovely day.


  1. Merry Christmas to you & E & G & your furry roommate, Angel!!

  2. It sounds like you will enjoy friends and family this season. Merry Christmas!

  3. I surprised myself and like the Glee Club version.
    Have a wonderful day (and night).

  4. I'm going to sleep all day and all night...that should do the trick!! That's after I've shot out to pick up my ordered seafood....and a bit more fruit...then it's back home again for the duration. I do have to pop out for a brief while tomorrow morning to have a cup of Christmas coffee with my landlords before they head to Brisbane to spend the day with family.

    After that the day is mine to do what I wish...and I wish to do little. I hope to do some sketching/drawing...having bought myself a new pad and a bunch of new pencils to get back into the mood. Come what may...

    Thanks for all the Christmas music, River...I hope Santa is nice to you and Angel. I hope the reindeer don't land too heavily on your roof! :)

    Have a great Christmas Day! :)

  5. fishducky; Merry Christmas to all of you there too.

    Susan Kane; Merry Christmas to you and your family too.

    Elephant's Child; it's a good version, rocks along nicely. Merry Christmas to you and the cherished one, Jazz and Jewel too.

    Lee; sleeping sounds like a great idea, I'll probably do a lot of that tomorrow. I don't have a roof, there's a flat up there, so Santa will be on that roof :) Merry Christmas to you and Shama and Remy.

  6. It's always more fun when kids are involved. Not fair you get your Christmas a whole day before we do.

  7. Wishing you a merry and bright Christmas, River.
    Enjoy the festivities :)

  8. Hi trendsetters, a Merry Christmas from poor RH. Just remember, morality is another word for keeping yourself nice, or you may find him in your stocking.

  9. Lovely Christmas videos once again...
    Enjoy your time.

  10. Delores; think of it this way: when we're cleaning up the Christmas mess, you'll still be celebrating.

    Vicki; merry and bright and low-key. That's how we do things these days.

    R.H. Merry Christmas, have a wonderful day.

    Margaret-whiteangel; I had a lovely afternoon/evening. I've enjoyed searching out all these videos, tomorrow is the last of them.


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