Monday's Christmas Song Selection

also includes my Musical Monday Selection.

Let's have the Christmas song first

George Strait

Jingle Bell Rock

Now for my usual Monday song, (we'll forget about the blurb today)

Genesis (Phil Collins)

Land of Confusion

and the lyrics:

appropriate back then and still appropriate now

(ignore the 4-5-6 spelling mistakes in there)

and now,

a quite different version of Jingle Bell Rock for the younger generation, who probably never come here....

Mean Girls  

I think it's clever and funny, but you decide for yourselves whether or not you like it.


  1. State of Confusion is my country. And not just at Christmas.
    I prefer the second Jingle Bells Rock - which I wouldn't have seen without you.
    Thank you.

  2. Good song choice! It's a toss-up as to which version of "Jingle Bell Rock" I prefer, but it's a song I always liked. When our older son was a year or two old, it was one of his favorites, too, and it was a real hoot to see that little guy sing that song. :)

  3. A well-behaved Lindsay Lohan, for a change, and Rachel McAdams not long before she tore our hearts out in "The Notebook" showing a bit of spunk rocking up Jingle Bells!

    What we need now is a few Supermen - all of the Avengers to gather together and fix up this mess of a world we're in!

    And then there's George...well, you know how I feel about George! :)

  4. I enjoyed the last one. I thought you would have heard enough Christmas music in your last job to last you a lifetime.

  5. My son loved Genesis, so I heard it many times before, but never seen that clip before.
    The last one was funny, but they are nasty nasty girls.

  6. joeh; :) back atcha!

    fishducky; you too :)

    Elephant's Child; I only land in the State of Confusion when I have to deal with new things or people and haven't had enough time to get used to the idea.
    I'm glad you like the second version, I think it's great.

    Susan; it's a popular song with almost everyone I know, whatever version is played. My kids used to 'air guitar' and table drum through it.

    Lee; I didn't realise Lindsay Lohan is in there, haven't got a clue which one she is. Is Rachel McAdams the one who starts up singing again after the stereo breaks?
    George is always worth listening to.

    Andrew; they played a vastly different selection! Same songs, but terrible sound and mostly so slow I would have to fight to stay awake at the checkout.
    I love Christmas music, but it needs to 'move along'. Glad you enjoyed the last one.

    Merle; Genesis was a favourite with my kids too, that's where I first heard Phil Collins and he's been a favourite ever since.
    I've never watched Mean Girls, so don't know how nasty they are, but the song here is great.

  7. Lindsay Lohan is the one who starts up the singing again, River...and Rachel McAdams is to her right (our left looking at the screen. Amanda Seyfried (from "Mamma Mia)is the one on our right looking at the screen.

  8. I enjoyed all the videos, that last one made me laugh..

  9. I'll let you borrow my copy of Mean Girls. It's actually really good, and it was written by Tina Fey.

  10. Lee; thank you. I'll probably forget who is who again anyway.

    Margaret-whiteangel; that seems to be the most popular one today.

    no-one; thanks. I've read one book by Tina Fey and didn't like it, but that doesn't mean I won't like this one. I thought it was a movie too.

  11. I've always enjoyed Jingle Bell Rock and I guess both versions are good but am trying to remember who I first heard sing it.
    Genesis...Not sure I've ever heard them before but quite my sort of music but always good to hear something new (new to me anyway).

  12. Mimsie; Jingle Bell Rock has been around so long, I can't remember who I first heard sing it either.
    I knew Genesis wouldn't be for you, it's from my kids youth era.

    1. Bobby Helms was the first to record "Jingle Bell Rock".

  13. George Strait + Mean Girls = Christmassy goodness.

  14. It is a movie. The movie was written by Tina Fey.

  15. Claire; you're right. Merry Christmas.

    no-one; I didn't know that, I thought she only wrote books.


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