Whimsical Wednesday # 205

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

have you built your seasonal snowman yet?


  1. Love it.
    And would like a snowman about now too.

  2. Good news--no snow yet this winter!

  3. Not me...no snow here. I could, perhaps, build a red soil man and get very soiled doing so!

  4. No snowman here either (and I'm not complaining AT ALL).

  5. Ha! So that's what the animals might think :)
    I can't imagine having to do shopping etc in snow and freezing cold.

  6. Elephant's Child; do you get frost in your freezer? you could scrape out a bit and make a mini snowman.

    Joanne; so you could have a non-white Christmas this year?

    Vicki; that's where my snowmen live too.

    Lee; you could zip on down to the beach and make a sandy snowman.

    Kathy G; you're not ready for the big freeze either?

    Margaret-whiteangel; I'd be getting stuff delivered if we had freezing cold and snow.

  7. ... River, I have only made 1 'real' snowman in my life. It was down at Cooma about 40 years ago.. a friend and I took our children down there for a 4 day holiday. It was great but I wouldn't want to live in snow country full time.
    This year I have made 40 little sock Snowmen for christmas... suits me fine.. xxxx
    hugs... Barb xxx


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