Christmas decorating (*~*)

well now I truly have seen everything!
Let's not get too literal here, you know what I mean.

found  here, at Dr Grumpy's.


  1. Kinda makes me sad and queasy at the same time:)

  2. I must go with simultaneous sad and queasy, too.

  3. I have been feeling a bit guilty for the lack of decoration here. Some days no decoration is a good decoration...

  4. Like the others above me, I do not like it!

    It should be the Grinch.

  5. Hi River,

    Toilet humour gone a bit too far. Ho, ho, ho? No, no, no!

    Gary :)

  6. Buttons Thoughts; yep, same here. I wouldn't want to be the one that had to remove and wash that thing after Christmas either.

    Margaret-whiteangel; glittery toilet cleaner? Toilet brushes with antler handles?Oooh! Flush buttons that sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" with each flush!!

    Joanne; welcome to the club :)

    Elephant's Child; I have done a tiny bit of decorating, but didn't bother opening the Christmas cupboard. Just picked up a couple of super cheap ornaments from the $2 shop. Neither was a toilet outfit!

    joeh; not for me either, not even the Grinch. I prefer my toilet undressed.

  7. Seriously, ewww.
    I have males that dribble in this house...

  8. River, I love just love it. I've always wanted to pee on Santa for all the presents he never delivered and I have a long list.

    1. If you pee or poop on Santa, you'll be on his naughty list for sure!!

  9. I would consider buying it if I was flush with money.

  10. Oh, dear! What is left to say? lol

  11. OH NO. Oh no no no no. Merry Poopmas indeed.

  12. Vicki; thankfully, I don't have that problem, but I still wouldn't ever buy it.

    JahTeh; zip on over to Dr. Grumpy's site and see if you can order one. I'm sure clicking on the picture there might show you where it comes from.

    Andrew; really? really really?

    Lee; I'm sure we could think of something if we try hard enough.

    Happy Elf Christine; Merry Poopmas! That's a good one.


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