he's back, and looking much better

My upstairs neighbour, the mentally broken one who had a panic attack, then ran away, is back home.

He was found, as I've already said, and taken to hospital, where he was treated, physically and psychiatrically, (I do believe that's a proper word) and came home late this afternoon. I didn't see him arrive, but I assume a carer brought him.

Anyway, about a half hour ago, he knocked on my door, to thank me, to apologise for the trouble, to let me know he was clean and well and no longer believing people were after him. Vastly different from the broken wreck who was escorted back upstairs by the police that Saturday.
That's a big relief, I'd thought he might have been too broken to recover. 

I have to say, after medications, daily hospital baths and good food, he looks a different man. His skin is actually pink instead of the grey it usually is. 
He wished me Merry Christmas and handed me a small box of chocolates, then went back upstairs.

I hope he is going to stay okay, I hope there are carers who will come and check on him, see that he eats and washes, like the carers who come to check on the very ill P a couple of times a week,  and the district nurses who come twice a day to check on diabetic P. 


  1. I am so happy there are "carer's" we all can use that help sometimes. Hug B

  2. Buttons Thoughts; a few of the people living in these flats are mental health tenants who might otherwise be homeless and on the streets, or unable to care for themselves properly without someone checking in on a regular basis, so the carers are necessary.

  3. I'm glad he is doing a little better ... the fact that he once again reached out to you to say 'thank you' says a lot.

  4. I'm so glad he's doing better--life is difficult enough without physical or mental health issues!!

  5. I think one of the biggest issues with mental health problems is the failure to take the meds. I hope carers will monitor his condition. Depression and panic attacks are a scary thing to deal with, keep a help line on speed dial.

  6. That is absolutely wonderful news. Thank you for letting us know.
    And for him to come down and thank you, with a box of chocolates no less says both how much better he is, and what a wonderful thing you did.

  7. It's wonderful he's back in familiar surroundings, and well enough to cope. Being clean helps a lot, too. I hope the social services have him scheduled for regular visits.

  8. Good news. Hope all goes well for him.

  9. Surprising and welcome news. As suggested above, if he takes his medication he may be ok. Nice that he bought you chocolates.

  10. Delores; I'm happy to see him back and looking so well too.

    fishducky; he is one of the more gentle people, so I'm glad to see him back. I was worried a bit by having someone else move in that might be a more rowdy type.

    joeh; I don't know if he does take any medication, I don't know him well at all, but if he has regular medication, I hope he takes it.

    Elephant's Child; wonderful for me too, I like having someone nice and quiet upstairs. All I ever hear is the kettle early in the morning and the occasional toilet flush.

    Joanne; I think that's the best thing, the familiar surroundings, he's lived here for years and years, far longer than anyone else in my 8-flat T-block. I also hope social cervices have regular visits scheduled, there weren't any in the past, not for C.

    Molly; I hope he stays stable too; what those cruel people did to him is unforgiveable.

    Andrew; even more surprising is it is almost 24 hours later and I still haven't opened those chocolates! I'm glad he's back, this is the only home he has known for a long time.


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