Sunday's Christmas Song Selection

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Today's song is an oldie, (Mimsie you might like this one) by

Jim Reeves

An Old Christmas Card


  1. Gotta love Jim Reeves...what a wonderful voice.

  2. Delores; I'd forgotten about him until I started searching for Christmas songs.

  3. I love Jim Reeves...he had such a wonderful voice. Glorious!

  4. Thanks River and yes, I do remember Jim Reeves very well and his great voice.
    That is a lovely song and speaking of old Christmas cards, I used to keep cards for years until back in about 2012 I threw nearly all of them out except for a few from people long gone. One special card was from my dad way back in the 1960s (he died in 1971). That is one I kept along with the last one form my mum.
    Thank you too for the Christmas and New Year wishes which are returned to you 100%.

  5. Lee; he's very easy to listen to, with your feet up and eyes closed.

    Mimsie; I thought you'd like this one. I used to keep cards too, found a box of them when I moved last, so cut off the picture part and put them all in the box going to Vinnie's, the message sides I threw in the bin.

    I've just this minute sat down after baking 4 dozen mince pies.

    1. My mother used to make the most delicious mince pies with really short pastry. I think you are wonderful baking so many. I have to be honest and say I have never made even one in my entire life. I did make good sponge cakes though when I was a youngster. (*:*)

    2. I'm good with sponge cakes too and don't understand how people can say they're too hard to make. My recipe is so easy, my kids mastered it by high school age.

  6. Margaret-whiteangel; yes, he does and I have another one by him on the list.

    Vicki; emotional? or are you cold? :)


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