OK folks, listen up

You've all read here that I'm not a fan of classical music. 
But..(come on now, you knew there was going to be a "but")...that's not entirely true.
I do like some classical music.

How many of you remember the Hooked On Classics selections that came out in the 80s?
Parts of several pieces of work by various artists melded together as a whole.
I like a lot of those. They move along quite quickly, they're fun to listen to while doing housework (I've almost forgotten what that is) but can't be heard over the vacuum cleaner. (so I don't do floors :), well, maybe once in a while I'll sweep).

Here's an example, runs for just over four minutes, so put your feet up and close your eyes, or dance around your kitchen.

 Tales of Vienna Waltz.


  1. There are those times when I do enjoy classical music.

  2. joeh; I couldn't have it as a steady diet, but there are times when I enjoy it.

  3. Some of it I like, some of it leaves me cold.

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  5. I love classical music. I remember when but I'm wasn't hooked on the "Hooked on Classics", though...and never bought any of the series of LPs.

    But in saying that I can imagine spinning around the ballroom floor in a long gown with a tall, handsome partner while I listen to the Viennese Waltz! :)

    There certainly are times that are more suited to classical music, but then, I guess that applies to all forms of music, as well.

    1. "I remember when the albums were released" is what I meant to type.

  6. That's lovely classical music...
    Some pieces I like, or part of.
    Classical music is what I play best on the piano...need practice though..

  7. I like to listen to the old masters.
    Beethoven's Ninth - Movement 2 - enthralls me.
    And, Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor has me in tears, no matter how many times I hear it.

    So many I love. Too many to list...

  8. There is classical music and then there is popular classical music as you describe, and who could not like such bright and breezy sounds.

  9. So.....classical music as an escape from housework? I like it!

  10. Years ago, I was painting a mural in my niece's kitchen & played Ravel's Bolero on a continuous tape reel for several hours--it was hypnotic!! I love many classical pieces, jazz, easy listening & even country & western but I have to admit, today's music sounds a lot like noise to me!!

  11. I remember these there were a heap of them :) I think I still have one or two around.. Hmmmmm

  12. Elephant's Child; some of it leaves me cold too, but I like quite a few of the melded pieces used for Hooked on Classics.

    Lee; I like classical music in small doses, some of those original pieces seem to go on forever, which drives me bonkers. I grew up on pop music which is over and done in about 3 minutes, and that's how I like my music now. Many of the Hooked On Classics pieces are 4-5 minutes which I can handle, but even some of those are music that I just don't like.
    I bought the cassettes when they came out, not sure where they are now. Probably in a box in my daughter's spare room.

    Vicki; if it goes on too long, it's not on my list. I'll zip over to youtube and listen to the two you've mentioned.

    Andrew; I do prefer the light and breezy sounds. Heavy, slow music that plods or trudges through the minutes has no place in my life.

    Delores an accompaniment, not an escape. Work seems to go faster when you dance around the bed as you make it, or sweep in time with the beat.

    fishducky; I'll have to listen to Ravel's Bolero and see what you mean.

    Yvonne Kirk; I think there were three of these compilations released. I had two of them.

    1. I was confused them with Jive bunny yes three I think..l :)

  13. It sounds pretty nice, River! In a groovy 80s sort of way. :)


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