well, it's done,

the twice yearly fridge clean out. 

Shelves emptied and washed, crispers emptied and washed, bags of assorted lettuce leaves tossed out, only a wee bit past the use-by dates, but smelling sour.
Out went the mouldy onion, a mushy apple, old garlic that had gone soft. 

Other stuff taking up space but not being used after the first tasting also got tossed out. 
Bye-bye garlic aioli. 
Doesn't that sound like something that would be deliciously yummy? Well, it wasn't. 
More like oily, runny mayonnaise, and if there was any garlic in there, I'm Queen Elizabeth's twin sister, because I couldn't taste it. Besides, the use by date was last September.

Even the freezer got an overhaul. Freezer-burnt bread, meant for toast, but who eats hot toast when the temps are over 40C?

Frozen peas and corn, untouched since mid autumn, served with today's dinner, but didn't taste quite right, so I scraped them off my plate into the bin and followed that with both packets along with several packets of wrapped leftovers that I'd forgotten to label. 
I have no idea what they were or when I put them in there, so out they went. 

It's quite possible they were uneaten cat food that Angel rejected. I don't like to just put those in the bin because they get stinky and I'd rather not have my rubbish bin attracting ants, flies, cockroaches, stray dogs and cats. It's bad enough walking past other people's bins with the stench coming out of them and the trails of ants going into them.

Now it's all clean and tidy again, ready for the New Year. More ready than I am.

Do you clean out fridges etc in preparation for the New Year?


  1. It is very unfashionable to not like aioli but I don't. I find it is just too oily. Household Management looks after our fridge but not terribly well at times so I occasionally have a little clean out.

  2. I do. And try and do a full house clean as well. Probably not this year. Struggling a bit. It is always nice to start the year with a clean slate though.

  3. Hi River,

    My eldest lad cleans out my fridge - usually about an hour after I've filled it.




  4. Andrew; thank you! I've been validated! Aioli is oily. Good that you help out with fridge management.

    Elephant's Child; I'll get the full house (flat) clean done on New Years Eve as always. I like waking up to a fresh house in a fresh New Year.

    Plasman; ha ha! good answer.

  5. I used to, River, but somehow that compulsion left.

  6. I'm a tad anal...I do it every other week.

  7. I have salad dressing in my refrigerator that says, "Best if used before end of Stone Age"!!

  8. Joanne; my compulsion isn't as strong as it used to be. If you ever visit here, please ignore my floors :)

    Delores; I did mine every fortnight too, back then we shopped fortnightly, so the fridge would get a good going through the night before and shopping lists were made.

    fishducky; does that mean before you become as old as stone?


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