I have good news which is probably more relevant to me than anyone else

You all remember me being a bit whiny because my plugged in external speakers didn't work with windows 10?

Of course you do.

Well, the problem has been fixed :)

My awesome genius daughter, K, found a youtube tutorial that tells us, (those of us who want to know), how to fix the problem.

So I clicked on the link she sent me, which reads 
How To Fix Windows10 Headphones/Sound Issues!  

It's the one by BadKat, essentially for headphones, but also works for external speakers that plug in via a headphone jack.

I watched the tutorial and it went quite quickly, with me going "what? wait! damn..."
(To hear him properly, you need to set your speaker icon to 100%)

So I enlarged it to full screen, and clicked on play again, but kept my cursor over the play/pause button (icon?) and with every instruction, I paused it while I wrote down what to do.
Ha Ha! I am clever! 
K told me to turn off the computer, plug in the speakers, start up again, then follow the instructions.
Which I did. 

And it worked!!   My speakers are operational again. 
I'm a happy little vegemite!


  1. Yay...good old YouTube.

  2. Following directions is almost as good as having an eleven year old in your house to do it for you.


    1. We should ALL have a tech-savvy eleven year old!!

  3. I am so pleased for you. And this explains just why I have been holding off making the switch, to give some clever people time to iron out the bugs.

  4. Glad they're working again. Speakers that don't "speak" are annoying and worse than useless.

    I do that too - hover the cursor, click, then write down the steps as you go along.

  5. Delores; hooray for my K too, I would never have thought to search you tube.

    joeh; I'm good at following directions, but I need to write them down step by step. Having someone say do this, then that etc is no good, because I'm bound to forget a step.

    fishducky; my tech-savvy is now 39 :)

    Elephant's Child; I discovered a new hitch this morning, easily sorted, but it means an extra step each time I resize photos.

    Vicki; even more annoying was the speakers are newish and not cheap. I really didn't want to have them just sit on my table as ornaments.
    Writing step by step is the best way I've found.

  6. Was it just setting that had to be adjusted?

  7. Andrew, yes. I had to select the headphones as the default player, then there was the quality setting which had to be changed to the highest level, 192,000 of something, the print was too small for me to notice properly at nearly midnight. Without the tutorial, I never would have found my way to those settings to change them.

  8. This is very weird. I wrote a response to this post! Where has it gone! You'd better turn up those speakers, River!! :)

  9. That is excellent. Well done, to you and your daughter.

  10. I love Google:) I have yet to venture into the world of Windows ten even though they keep asking:) I am still nervous of change. Lucky to have a genius daughter:) Hug B

    1. And Youtube I have taught myself lots of interesting and probably dangerous things:)

  11. Lee; speakers are turned up and playing Christmas songs :)

    Margaret-whiteangel; she's a great kid, my K. One of the best things I ever did.

    Buttons Thoughts; I was reluctant too, but I'm getting used to it. Today's task is to transfer photos from my camera to my pictures folder. Very easy in Windows 7, we'll see what's different about the process with Windows 10.
    I'm not happy about change either, it's called a COMFORT zone for a reason.


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