Words for Wednesday

It’s Wednesday!   
 And December.  

Which means it is my turn to provide you all with words to challenge your minds.
Write a story, write a poem; the choice is yours. 

Post it here in the comments, or on your own blog, it doesn’t have to be today, but please leave a note in the comments here so we can all find you and read your creation.

Here are the words:



Only she could say “Oh it’s you,” so coldly you could feel the frost on the words.


  1. He felt chilled to the bone. Whatever had he said or done to deserve this icy reception? Only she could say, "Oh, it's you." so coldly you could feel the frost on the words. Fumbling blindly for the door knob, he escaped into the blizzard out doors. Even at minus thirty in a raging storm there was more warmth out of doors than at her hearth.

    1. Even I can feel the chill in air; the chill in her voice! Well done. :)

    2. Ouch. That is a cold-hearted woman.

    3. Delores; this is really good. she must be frozen to have an icy blizzard feeling warmer than her words.

  2. Okie-Dokie...here I go....

    "I guess she had earned the right to be CRANKY at times; oft times. One couldn’t blame her, really. In truth, she was to be admired, unreservedly.

    She spent all her adult years being the sole PROVIDER for her extended family. She’d been given no other choice. She would never have considered taking one if it had been offered.

    However, she never dwelt on the ORIGINAL reasons for her having had to step up to the plate; having had to grab the reins of her life, and the lives of her siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews. And grab the reins she did, with both hands, as she forged forth into the unknown, taking no prisoners along the way.

    There was no point waffling around, she told herself as soon as the devastating news had come through. The job had to get done; the family had to be taken care of; life had to go on.

    INCREDIBLY, even to her own amazement, she somehow found time for marriage and children of her own.

    After years spent as the head partner of her own law firm; a highly successful firm she’d created from the ground up through her one-eyed dedication; from her own blood, sweat, tears and long, long hours, she stepped aside and handed the firm over to her eldest son and her middle daughter, both of whom had inherited her grit. They’d followed in her footsteps.

    She didn’t walk away entirely. In the SUBSEQUENT years she acted as a consultant. Her knowledge and understanding of the law was unmatched.

    Her every day VERNACULAR was testament to her years of working in the legal world. No one could mistake that fact.

    To the untrained eye, to the majority of people who weren't part of her inner circle she was abrasive and unyielding. To most others they never saw the distinction between her suited lawyer self and the private person she was within the sanctity her own four walls, in the company of her long-standing, staunch supporter – her husband of 50 years.

    The outside world was never privy to the person she was in her moments of privacy.

    There were times she allowed rare, fleeting glimpses of the innocent young girl she once had been all those years before, but that person was only visible to a special, chosen few.

    To most she appeared to be tough; hardened by life; a woman not to be toyed with.


    If only they knew the reasons why she appeared as she did to the wider populace, but they never would."

    1. The people who matter know who she really is - which is all that counts.

    2. EC is right, the people who matter are the only ones who count.
      Being a cold-hearted (frozen-hearted?)lawyer would have an interesting effect on any criminals facing her, I'd think. Just one of her frosty words would have them seeing nothing but years of jail time ahead if they didn't mend their ways immediately.
      I am wondering though, just what it was that made her this way.

    3. So am I, River...I'll have to delve into the deep, dark, weird crevices of my mind and see what I can come up with! :)

      Maybe it was "Slaughter on 11th Avenue"....not "Slaughter on 10th Avenune" that pushed her towards her chosen career! ;)

  3. I was sure I had put this up already.
    Better late than never.

    Only she could say “Oh it’s you,” so coldly you could feel the frost on the words. An original, but incredibly short-sighted approach to dealing with the person
    she dismissed as 'the provider'. It just didn't occur to her that indulging her cranky fits at his expense could have any subsequent impact. In the vernacular, she just didn't know 'which side her bread was buttered on'. And that ignorance was going to cost her the jam he had lavished on her for years...

    1. Raspberry or marmalade?

      Now you have me curious, EC!! :)

  4. Elephant's Child; oooh! another mystery that needs solving; why is she like this? what will he do after another cranky fit? Great story.

  5. Good stories ladies.
    She turned sharply as the footsteps became louder, to see Charles. Crossly she said, Oh, it's you!


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