On my front lawn and path about 15 minutes ago. 

Two adults and two young ones, all squawking for food, so I quickly tore up a crust of bread and threw it out to them, then raced to get the camera. By the time I got back to the front door, Angel was there too, so I had to take photos through the screen.

The young ones were still learning to feed themselves I think, as I watched one of the adults placed a piece of bread into the open beak of a young one, and as they were all leaving my lawn the other young one picked up a piece of bread on his own. They didn't eat all the pieces, perhaps the bread was too fresh and soft.

I really hope they come back tomorrow, I'll have fresh beef mince for them.
If they don't come back, I'll have beef burgers for dinner.

Now I need to get busy working out how to process the pictures with this new system. The process was different for the small camera and will be for this big one too. Which is kind of annoying as the Windows 7 system was super easy.


  1. fisducky; there will be as soon as I work out how to get them from camera to computer. The Windows 10 system is different.

  2. Oh dear. I was told 10 is good, just 7 on steroids. I haven't switched yet. Looking forward to the magpies.

  3. I am looking forward to the magpies too. And waiting to hear how difficult it is to transfer photos.

  4. I am not so fond of how Windows 10 handles photos. It seems overly complicated. Instead of using the Windows photo viewer, I finally downloaded the free Irfanview. It is better but no photo viewer/programme seems perfect. They all do better at some things and not so good at others.

  5. I love maggies...I have my family of them here...they get their share of the meat scraps each afternoon, too. They're great birds and I love their call.

    I look forward to seeing your'll work it out. :)

  6. Joanne; 10 is good, just different in some respects, such as how it processes photos, but I've got the hang of that already.

    Elephant's Child; photos are up. Not difficult, just different. With 7, I plugged in the cameras via usb and a window would pop up with choices to open the files (photos), or transfer the files to the pictures folder. Once transferred I'd resize the new photos, rename them and then save back to the same folder. With 10, the choices window doesn't pop up, the name of the camera appears on the sidebar of your open pictures folder and you select it from there, then with the small camera I can put the new photos into a folder, with the big camera, it's different again. I right click on the camera name to open the photos which appear in folders according to the date I took them, but numbered not dated. For instance this time I got several folders named Fuji 102 up to Fuji 105, with 105 being the latest photos the magpies. To process them I had to 'cut' that folder and 'paste' it into the regular pictures folder where all the folders are from 2008 to 2015, only then could I open each photo to resize it. Easy enough, but the main difference is when the resized and blog-named photo is 'saved' it DOESN'T go back to the same folder, like it does with windows7. It goes to the pictures page and I have to retrieve them from there, cut and paste back into the Fuji 105 folder where I have added sub-folders according to photo subject.
    It sounds more complicated than it is, after I did it once, I knew what was going on and it became easy.

    Andrew; it is overly complicated, but soon enough 10 will be superseded and perhaps the next Windows will be easier. I've got the hang of doing photos from both my cameras now.

    Lee; the photos are up now, right above this post, you've probably already looked at them.. :) I love their song too, and have beef mince in the fridge now in case they come back this afternoon.


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