just because

it's December.

Amy Grant: I Need a Silent Night.

This is a quiet one, Amy's voice is quite soft, you may need to turn up the hearing aids... or turn off all other distractions for 3:55 minutes. Right near the end, the child's voice speaking is even more quiet, almost whispered.
The words are very appropriate for this time of year.


  1. We have gone shopping crazy--this was wonderful!!

  2. Don't we all need a silent night.
    Love it - thank you.
    Mind you I was irritated by the written lyrics...
    too becoming to, and shepherds watching their clocks.
    Proof read people. Please.

  3. Nice...I like Amy Grant...and haven't heard her for a while either.

    Thanks. :)

  4. Lovely song and sentiments. The child's voice was sweet and pure.
    I ache for the sadness in the world today...

  5. fishducky; I thought this was perfect for all the frenzied shopping mums and dads out there.

    Elephant's Child; there's not enough proof-reading anymore, that's for sure.

    Lee; I'd almost forgotten Amy Grant, then one of her songs came up on my ipod, "Ask Me".

    Vicki; There's too much sadness, and too many people try to fix that by buying and buying; not realising that material goods cannot fix an empty heart.

  6. Don't mind Amy. I see most of us saw the error :)

  7. Stay cool tomorrow, Wednesday, River. I see on the weather reports 39C is predicted. Drink lots of water...and pick up a good book to read in a cool spot. :)

  8. Margaret-whiteangel; let's just ignore the error and enjoy the song. it's Christmas. Or close to it :)

    Lee; I've got my cool spot all chosen. Right here under my airconditioner. As soon as I get home from where I have to be. We're headed for 42C on Saturday :( Then Sunday is supposed to be much, much cooler, so that's the day to be making mince pies.


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