Thursday Thoughts # 74

from Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

"I bow, pretending to be flattered, even though I don't care what he thinks. His opinion isn't worth the rust on my father's wheelchair."

" If only no one had to fight at all."
He shakes his head. "It does no good to dream."

Today's Thoughts:

Further to the dieting thing, I've had a couple of pig-out days where I ate a frozen Macaroni & Cheese dinner, after I zapped it in the microwave of course, ice-cream,  and spoonfuls of Nutella straight out of the jar. 
Not all at once, just indulging a bit here and there.
I've come to realise that it isn't the leafy greens I mind so much, as it is the absence of hot, cooked foods. 
The menu shall be adjusted accordingly.

Last Tuesday I decided I'd spend a morning at You Tube, listening to several songs I had planned for Musical Mondays , also several selections from the Hooked on Classics CDs, thinking I might put some on the Musical Mondays now and again. 
Thirty minutes in and I heard a large truck pull up right beside my flat and soon after, the sound of chainsaws as they began trimming branches that were overhanging the footpath. 
I gave up and went to town instead. 

How many of you remember plastic sleeve guards? They looked a lot like this>>

but plastic, shorter and not disposable. They came in several colours, pink, blue, clear, white, and housewives wore them to protect their sleeves when doing any housework that involved water, or when gardening. 
I hadn't thought about them in years, until a few nights ago when I was washing dishes and I'd pushed my sleeves up out of the way, but they kept slipping down. It was too chilly to take the PJ top off (this is the coldest beginning to summer since 1987) and wash up just in my t-shirt, so I had to keep shoving the sleeves back up out of the way. 
And I suddenly thought of sleeve guards. I guess they disappeared because so many people now have dishwashers. 

Is everyone happy with the new word I'm hearing everywhere? 

It has replaced 'aBsolutely'. 
Not in the dictionaries of course, not in printed media either, just in general speech. 
I don't like it at all and it annoys me that younger generations hearing it will think that is the correct word. 
Anyone else, like me, wondering what speech will sound like twenty, thirty, forty years from now?


  1. Your freezer must be bare; you used to cook the aPsolutely (haha) wonderful dinners and freeze some for later!

  2. Dratted apps are everywhere already. They really don't need to muscle in on absolutely.

  3. The use of "absolutely" willy-nilly annoys me enough as it is, and has done for years...I cringe every time I hear it thrown about carelessly.

    I remember the first time I heard it used in such a way (over and over again during a conversation with someone I'd just met) back in 1992 - it annoyed me then and it annoys me now.

    The young lass, from Sydney, was visiting her aunty, my friend and staff member...the particular placement and use of the world must have been the "latest thing" in certain circles in Sydney at the time. And then it spread like a virus!!!

    .."APsolutely" would drive me even further insane, I believe!!!

    Enjoy what you enjoy, River.

    I've never eaten Nutella, nor have I ever used those plastic arm guards. Maybe I should catch up with the time! :)

  4. ABsolutely is one of mt aBsolutely favorite words!!

  5. Joanne; the freezer is full of spaghetti sauce, bean&pasta soup and frozen peas and corn. Plus ice cream and I think there's garlic bread in there somewhere. The cooking and freezing is mostly a winter thing, since it gets (aPsolutely) too hot here to have weekends spent with the cooktop and oven going.

    Elephant's Child; you're aBsolutely right! :)

    Lee; in the same way that "like" is used now, so very annoying. I wonder what the next 'catch'word will be. Absolutely is still thrown about far too much for my liking.

    I don't often eat Nutella straight from the jar, mostly I pair it with peanut butter for a quick sandwich when I need something in my stomach to be able to take the stronger pain pills.

    I'm surprised you don't know about sleeve guards, back in the 60s almost every kitchen had a pair or two.

    fishducky; I like it in its place, but not thrown about willy-nilly, the way some teenagers use "like" although that seems to be dying off now.

    1. I know about sleeve guards, River...I've just never used them personally.

      The use of "like" after a statement etc., is also something that annoys me, too...along with a few others! lol

  6. I remember the arm guards but the ones my grandmother used to wear only came up halfway to her elbows. I haven't noticed apsolutely but the overuse of the word is annoying. I haven't tasted Nutella. Nutella is appearing on all sorts of foods at cafes. I hate trying things that I have to pay for when I am doubtful as to whether I will like it. Maybe my sister has some I can try.

    PS Do you change your age in the bio piece on the side bar each year or are you really now 70?

  7. Lots of things there in that post.
    I too like nutella eaten with a spoon but no longer buy it, it's to hard to resist .
    I remember those plastic sleeves worn in offices by the men in the sixties keep their sleeves clean but never worn them always roll my sleeves ups.

  8. Andrew; yes, those are the sleeve guards I meant.
    Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread, apparently nutritious because of the hazelnuts which are ground up so the spread is smooth, but vegemite is probably better for you.
    Yes, I change my age in the bio, I am now 63.

    Merle; I only bought this jar of Nutella because it was on special, twice the amount for the cost of a smaller jar, couldn't pass that up.When it's gone I won't buy another until it's on special again.
    Usually I roll my sleeves up too, but some of the PJ sleeves are too tight to roll without cutting off circulation. Normally, I'd take the top off and just wear the t-shirt, but it's been very chilly here lately once the sun goes down.


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