Wednesday's Christmas Song Selection

Counting down the hours yet?
I bet the kids are!

Today's song selection:

Martina McBride

O Holy Night

Glee Kids: Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss)

Baby It's Cold Outside



  1. Elephant's Child; right now it is cold outside, here in Adelaide anyway. It's that before dawn temperature drop and I'm enjoying every minute. although I am about to go back to bed as soon as I finish here. I'm only awake because I was so very hungry at 4.30am.

  2. I like Martina, too. A very nice version.

    I used to enjoy watching "Glee" was a good show filled with wonderful talent.

    Very nice selections, River. :)

  3. Cold would be good for a few days.

  4. Lee; Martina is another favourite of mine. I liked Glee season one and I think two, but after that, the Rachel character got too bitchy and I didn't watch anymore.

    Merle; we just had a couple of cooler days, not exactly cold, but a welcome relief and I hope you get the same soon. We're back in the heat now of course.

  5. All these great selections must have put you in a wonderful Christmas mood, River.
    And I bet you've had fun choosing which ones to put up :)

  6. Vicki; it is fun choosing and I've had to write them all down, so I don't forget which ones I've done.

  7. Two beautiful Christmas songs beautifully sun..
    My 5 grandchildren are counting the sleeps..youngest can't though he is 14 months old..
    Merry Christmas

  8. Margaret-whiteangel; I'm looking forward to seeing what my great nephew thinks of all this Christmas business tomorrow. He's two and a bit.


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