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Monday, January 10, 2011

sad news today

My friend Lori, from Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum ,has lost her husband, Tony.

Tony has been in intensive care, fighting for his life for several days now, and yesterday, he passed away.

Many people have been sending donations to help Lori and her family, (she has two small children), but I'm unable to do so.

I'm feeling quite awful that I can do nothing to help.

Many of Lori's friends in NSW are helping out by bringing cooked foods that can be frozen to her house. I'm not close enough to do that for her. Adelaide is so far away.

I've been crying since I read the news and as soon as I publish this, I'll be shutting my computer for the night.

Lori, please know that my thoughts and sympathies are with you and your children in this time of your heartbreak.

RIP Tony.


  1. Man...... I went over to 'visit' here and the pain is so raw, so real. She knows that you care River. Not everyone needs to - or can - contribute with food or funds. Comments and continued cyber 'visits' will help her feel less alone and with friends who will read and understand.

  2. Kath; I've never met Lori except on the internet, and certainly don't (didn't) know Tony, but I cried buckets when I read the news.
    I'm still looking forward to meeting Lori at the Conference if she's up to going.

  3. I am so sorry. Please, please don't feel bad about not being able to send money. Support does not have to be about money.

    gentle virtual hug