Oprah....I'm more interested than I thought I'd be.

Right at this very moment, I'm watching Oprah and a group of friends climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 1200 steps, 440 feet up. Everyone suited up and tethered, making an attempt at a record for the most people on the bridge at any one time. They're making their way to the centre platform right now. What a photo opportunity! Here comes the helicopter, no, wait, it's stopped to refuel!! Ha Ha, they have to wait for the big photo shoot....
15 minutes later, several of them are sitting down while still waiting, and singing Christmas carols!!
26 minutes....and here comes the helicopter again! Everyone is waving at it while someone in the chopper takes the photo.
The aerial views are amazing!!

Like many others, I scoffed a little at the news that Oprah was, finally, coming to Australia.
I laughed at the news that she was bringing several American audience members with her.
I was heard to say, Why? Does she think we don't have enough people over here to fill her audience seats?

Well, I've since changed my mind on that last one. I think it's a wonderful idea for Oprah to bring some Americans out here to see our wonderful country. People who may otherwise never think to come here for themselves.
Also? It's about time Oprah herself came out here. All those years travelling hither and yon, but never making it to Oz?

I've been pleasantly surprised by this show, seeing Oprah interacting with our Aussie people, dropping in unexpectedly on a few. One woman she dropped in on was hosting a family barbecue lunch in her backyard, and naturally Oprah was invited to just sit down and join them, which she did.

Moving on, Oprah is meeting Russell Crowe and preparing to sail around the harbour and the Opera House.
21 sailboats are doing the trip with her. All have sails especially designed, reading "Oprah".
They all put up their sails at once and the display looks quite impressive!

Oooh! They're up in a hot air balloon now! That's something I would love to do.

And here they are watching the penguins, on some island I didn't catch the name of, before heading up to Byron Bay. For some much needed R and R. Strolling along the beautiful beach there.
One person actually spent a few months learning to swim before coming out here so that he could swim and snorkel in our ocean with our fish.

All people involved with this entire visit appear to be having a really fantastic time.
I hope this is not going to be a once only visit.
There is so much of Australia that Oprah hasn't yet seen. She needs to come back.
Again and again and again.....


  1. Maybe not hot air balloon after news from Melbourne today.

  2. Hi River,

    I think Oprah decided to climb the bridge because she knew I'd done it.

    Not really!

    I'll bet she enjoyed it a lot more than I did - I was bloody terrified.




  3. A hot air balloon ditched into the bay today down here because of high winds very scary, I'd be thinking twice about going up in one.

  4. Andrew; I haven't seen the news....

    Plasman; Oprah was heard to say that she wasn't fond of heights so I say well done to her for sticking with the climb. Of course she did it for the amazing views from up high. (and the photo opportunity)

    Windsmoke; Oh no! I hope no-one was hurt. I still want to go up in one.

  5. I've been enjoying the shows too although I wish Mr Crowe wasn't chewing gum so avidly.....

  6. Kath; I didn't notice the gum chewing. I must have been focused on Oprah.

  7. Apparently some huge percentage of travel bookings for 2011 are Americans directly as a result of her tour. I'm not mad about her but my future daughter in law and her sister managed tickets to the show. Loved it.


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