turns out I'm just as silly as the next person...

We've all heard and read stories about people brushing their teeth with Deep Heat, or adding salt instead of caster sugar to a cake, (these should never be put into identical canisters anyway), swilling down a bottle of white vinegar thinking it's water.

Well, I've read them too and laughed while quietly thinking, how the heck does this happen? Stoopid person read the gosh-darned label why don't you?

Okay, so we all know how spray can deodorant works, right? Remove cap, shake vigorously, apply deodorant.
Really simple.

Well, this morning I picked up a can, removed the cap, shook vigorously, and stood in stunned disbelief as a dust cloud of white foot powder settled around me in the bathroom.

The worst part? The foot powder can is so completely different from the deodorant can.
The deodorant can is tall and mostly white.
The foot powder can is much shorter and is dark blue with a huge yellow footprint on it.
And I don't even keep them together on the same shelf!



  1. Hi River,

    Nothing else to say but :0)



  2. Baahahaha. I have done the salt thing. It sucked. All our butter wasted. And no icing to be seen for it.

    Better luck next time.

  3. My nasty mishaps (and there have been a few) (well, quite a few actually)(ok, make that lots) pale into insignificance against my partner's niece who used superglue instead of eye-drops. Thankfully with no long term consequences. See? Other people's misfortunes really CAN make you feel better sometimes!!

  4. Doh! Double Doh. That is so funny. Can you possibly blame breastfeeding (even if it was a few years back) for the mistake? I'm still giggling... x

  5. Toni; whoops is not quite what I said as I was sweeping it up.

    Plasman; :0) covers it nicely, thanks.

    Melissa; thank god I've never done the salt thing. I even keep the salt and caster sugar in separate cupboards on separate sides of the kitchen.

    Red Nomad OZ; superglue??? That's the worst I've heard. Why was there superglue in the bathroom?

    Kymmie; Nope, breastfeeding really was much too long . Plain old inattention is the culprit. I was getting ready to go to work and wishing I really didn't have to go.

  6. Kymmie; I meant too long AGO!! There's that inattention again.

  7. HAH! It's like me proudly writing about how I'm looking after my Achille heel and using it as a pompous metaphor and it TWANGED the very next day!

  8. Kath; but did it twang in tune? You know, like a country music gee-tar.

  9. lolol

    sounds like something I'd do ;)


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