water, water, everywhere

I know all of you lovely people in Queensland have way too much water at the moment, with even more rain expected.

So maybe you could all do me a favour?

Package up some of the excess and send it down here to SA or over to WA, I hear they need water too.

Buckets well sealed with Glad Wrap should do the trick.

Or maybe you could hijack a milk tanker or two?
We would pay the driver very well.
In baked goods.

Thanks very much.


  1. It's shocking and devastating - watching the news is distressing enough, so I can't imagine what people caught up in the middle of it are going through. I've got survivors guilt - so many people have been affected so badly, it's awful to feel so helpless.

    But I believe donations can be made at some supermarkets and banks.

  2. Red Nomad OZ; it's a dire situation for sure.
    I remember a Brisbane flood way back in 1973-4, when we were living there. We donated all of my baby's outgrown clothes and a lot of her toys too, to families that had lost everything.
    This flood is worse.
    People at my supermarket have been donating lots.

  3. Hi River,

    The floods are making headline news over here too. It's incredible. The latest from the BBC talks about evacuating parts of Brisbane - I've been there.




  4. I'm almost too afraid to see or read any more about it but will of course make a donation - all our spare clothes and toys were given to Goodwill before Christmas.

  5. Plasman; it's getting worse as we speak. I'm watching the news now. Ipswich, part of Brisbane is now flooded. Toowoomba has also been hit by a tsunami type flood.

    Kath; I've been avoiding the news too, but I'm watching it tonight.


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