I wanted a cup of tea

Nothing unusual about that?
Well, I'm a coffee drinker.
But I can't drink it black, (like I can tea), and milk is out of the question right now, for a few more days at least, just to be safe.

On the odd occasion that I do drink tea, it's usually a herbal pot that I've made from leaves and flowers picked in my garden. Pineapple sage with lemon balm, (very cooling when cooled and topped off with icecubes), or chamomile, plain sage, spearmint with chamomile. But I haven't had any of those growing for quite a while.
I remembered some herbal teabags somewhere in the cupboard above the sink, so got out the stepladder and got the container down.
Made a cup of tea.


Those teabags must be centuries old! Well, probably a couple of years. I ditched them and took a little walk to the corner servo, where I bought a packet of good old Lipton teabags. I made a cup of tea just the way I used to before my coffee days. Weak, black, loaded with sugar.
It's heavenly.


  1. Ican't remember their name but there's a wonderful tea store chain in Sydney and Melbourne where you can buy ANY kind of tea and they let you taste before you do. I remember tasting an apple cinnamon which was icy cold and delish although I prefer Irish Breakfast myself. I'll try to find out their name.

  2. I'm growing my own herbal teas. I love picking a few leaves and then drinking the brew. Makes me feel like a farmer.

  3. Good old black tea and sugar is a cure for almost anything.
    Except the Black Plague.
    Hope you're feeling well soon.

  4. I've always found herbal teas to promise so much more than they deliver - although your homegrown ones sound great!

    But nothing beats comfort food - or drinks!

    Happy 2011!!

  5. Baino; that's okay, I'm not one for fancy flavoured teas. I'd much prefer apple cinnamon in a pie.

    Frogdancer; me too, but I really prefer coffee or plain water.

    Jayne; I feel another sweet tea moment coming on...I tried a coffee earlier in the day and couldn't manage more than a mouthful.

    Red Nomad OZ; I don't know that I'll grow more herbs for tea again, maybe just german chamomile for headaches.


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