Sunday Selections #4

For this weeks Sunday Selections, I've chosen an old wishing well that I found at Hahndorf, here in SA. That's South Australia, not South Africa or South America.

I was wandering my way to the bus stop since it was time to start heading home, when I saw this from across the road.
Naturally, I crossed over to have a closer look.
Was it a functioning well?
Did it have water in it?
Where was the bucket?
Did people throw coins in to make a wish?

No. No. Long gone. No.

Set in an overgrown block next to a house, the well has a steel cable for winding up a non-existent bucket. The winding handle is also missing. I assume in older times this would have been a sturdy rope.

I was disappointed to find no water in the bottom, not even a few inches covered by a grid, for people to throw wishing coins into. Instead the bottom is filled in with dirt and a couple of rocks.
There's also a broken ring of some kind of metal, rusty, but not too eaten away.
I was pleased to see only natural litter such as leaves and twigs down in there.
A well such as this in the city would be filled with fast food wrappers, empty cans and god-knows-what-else.

After I'd taken my photos, I turned to see a young Japanese man eagerly signalling his request to have me take his photo standing next to the well.
He set his camera, I took the photo, then he checked the image to be sure he had what he wanted, before saying thank you and waving goodbye.
Too late I thought I should have asked to have my photo taken there too.

If you wish to participate in Sunday Selections, hunt up some previuosly unused photos from your files and folders, put them up on your blog and link back to Kim at Frog Ponds Rock.

Anyone can do this, the more the merrier I say.


  1. How spooky would it be in the dead of night especially if a supernatural being emerged from the well with giant bat wings and flew off into the night with a ghostly howl :-).

  2. What a beautiful old well. It never occurred to me that anything spooky might fly out of it!

  3. I am very disappointed that it wasn't a functioning well. It really looks like it should be.

  4. Wells and mine shafts always frightened me as a child. I blame Lassie. :)

    Thankyou for joining in River,The more the merrier indeed. btw "the Spouse" liked the stonework on your well.

  5. These pictures come with such a beautiful story.

  6. Windsmoke; it would only be spooky if I were standing right there and not expecting it.

    Wanderlust; it is a beautiful well.

    Zoey; I was disappointed too, but I suppose the water source dried up many years ago.

    frogpondsrock; I always thought that show was a bit silly. That Timmy always getting himself into trouble, you'd think he'd learn. Of course adventurous kids don't learn, they just go.
    I love the stonework too. I'd love one of these in my yard.

    Frangipan; I like a little explanation with my pictures, unless they're pictures that speak for themselves.

  7. Call the Fruit Fly Hotline 1300 666 010

    See your last blog, you have fruit fly in your yard..

  8. We went to Fitzroy Gardens on the weekend and there's a lovely little stream/pond in the conservatory. LC gave Sapphire a coin (5c!) for her to throw in a make a wish.....

  9. drb; oh no! are you sure? I'll call them.

    Kath; I hope Sapph's wish comes true.

  10. What a great find - I love things like this in decay!

    Interesting that they felt it necessary to use a steel cable .. are you sure it was not a functioning well that has been capped?

  11. Great story and wonderful shots of the well. As I assumed that you were all alone in the woods there, I was highly surprised that suddenly a Japanese guy had emerged from somewhere behind a tree. Not surprised he too had a camera though LOL


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