Sunday Selections #2

Welcome to Sunday Selections part two.
Sunday Selections is the brainchild of Kim, at Frog Ponds Rock

For this week's selection, I've chosen "things I use everyday".

These photos were taken when I'd just learnt how to set the macro lens.
I went a bit nuts going all over the house taking close-ups of every damn thing that caught my eye.

Zippers on my handbag. This particular handbag has six of them.

Pen. All day long. Taking notes, jotting things down, making lists.

Keys. I lock myself in, I lock others out, I lock things away....

Clock. I glance at this to see how late the TV programs are running. They're almost never on time.

I-Pod. If I don't hear at least a little music everyday I go a little crazy. Mostly I listen while walking to and from work.

Veggie peeler. I love my veggies.

Phone. Gotta stay in touch.

Kettle. Mmm, coffee.

Forks. So handy, for beating eggs, mashing pumpkin, stabbing food to bring it to my mouth.

Spoons. Coffee, icecream, soup, pudding.


  1. I have lust issues as far as a macro lens is concerned! Great shots.

  2. Zoey@Good Goog; Thanks, it's just a little point and shoot camera with built in zoom and macro.
    Canon Powershot 460

  3. I love Macro lens. And things look different through there! xx

  4. Love the close up images. I love photos of every day things from a different perspective. These are great :)

  5. I love the macro setting, great Sunday selections!

  6. Kymmie; macro is my favourite, I love the details that aren't normally seen with regular shots.

    sleepydwarf; welcome to drifting. Different perspectives are great aren't they. Get different enough and people start wondering what they're looking at.

    Frangipan; welcome to drifting and thank you.

  7. Great macros, they make everyday objects look so sweet. I haven't really explored macros on mine yet, must give it a crack.

  8. Thanks heaps for joining in River. Your macros are fantastic. I had to look twice at the shot of the forks to see what it was. Isn't the macro setting great fun to use. Remember the mystery object photo I used to do on my blog? I reckon you should do that here on your blog :)


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