I dreamed I was running

Not running for a bus.
Not running to or from something or somewhere.
Not running in fear of my life.
Not chasing something or someone.

In my dream, I was walking through Rundle Mall, Adelaide, when I suddenly started running.
Just for the heck of it.
Just because I love to run.
In the dream, that is.
In real life, I don't run.

As I was running, I morphed into my much younger self.
My body thinned, my arthritis disappeared, and strangely, my clothes changed and I was suddenly wearing white shorts and a white t-shirt.

In my dream, I could feel the breeze on my face caused by the running.
I could feel my joints, my limbs and muscles working as they used to.
I could feel the smoothness, the ease, the flexibility.
I could feel the easy breathing.
There was no gasping or shortness of breath, so the asthma was gone too.
I could feel that I was really enjoying the running.
(Just as I now enjoy the walking.)
I wanted to run forever.

At the same time, I knew that I was dreaming.


  1. I always remember being sixteen and walking somewhere when I felt a bursting energy so stupendous, so intolerable, I had to run

  2. Looks like the inner child of days gone by took you for a run.

  3. You know why? It's because, despite your age or money worries or other issues, you're FREE. Your blog is clear evidence of this. :)

  4. How wonderful! I felt it too.

  5. R.H. I remember being sixteen and doing the exact same thing.

    Windsmoke; Luckily the inner child chose a dream run. A real run would see me laid up for weeks.

    Kath; I do feel the freedom. Every single day.

    Kass; lovely feeling isn't it? Strong, supple, speedy.

  6. "A real run would see me laid up for weeks."

    That's funny. My first laugh this weekend.


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