I may have to re-think my entire diet

Most of us know what happens when the body is starving. Like when gastro hits you like a freight train and the merest sip of water sets your innards heaving....

Without food, muscle mass is broken down and used to feed the brain, keeping it alive.
This generally shows up as blood and ketones in the urine when tested.
Ketones=protein residue.
Recovery is fairly quick once normal food intake is re-established.

So I'm recovering. Nicely.
And I've noticed a side effect.
I'm eating a lot. More than usual. A LOT.
But not just any old thing.

Tissue has been broken down and now needs rebuilding.
So my body wants protein.
Is demanding protein.
Craving protein.

I've had a small steak for dinner for the last three nights, plus vegetables.
Before this, I would eat a steak, not exactly rarely, but not often, or even on a regular basis.
I've eaten many eggs this past week, I've sliced and munched my way through over half a block of cheese. Along with many crackers, tomatoes and gherkins.

I have zero interest in chocolate, (that's new...,) biscuits, (cookies), icecream, pretty much any of the sweet stuff that I used to eat.
And probably will eat again, once this protein kick is over.

The surprising thing?
I'm feeling remarkably well, with increased energy levels, because of all this unaccustomed protein.
I may have to re-think my entire diet and factor in more protein.


  1. Sounds pretty damn healthy, certainly nothing to worry about :)

  2. I find I feel better when I eat more protein too.

  3. After nearly ten years of Tofu I can't stand another mouthful so thank goodness for genuine free range chickens. I still can't eat red meat but I really needed protein that wasn't tofu.
    I believe I can't call myself vegetarian now but I'm a flexitarian.

  4. Jayne; wait until I add chocolate back into the mix. Although I find I'm not hungry between meals now, so I may have to find a way to make choccie part of the meal. Because I almost never eat dessert.

    Veronica; this could be the answer to my constant anaemia. My iron levels have been on the low side for years and years, because I haven't eaten red meat.

    JahTeh; I was never consciouly vegetarian, I just avoided red meat because all I could afford was the supermarket stuff which was often tasteless and tough, to me anyway. With L no longer here, I can go to the good butcher and pay extra for just one small fillet steak at a time. It's tender and tasty and I'm able to digest it. Supermarket beef left me constipated and in pain.

  5. My GP reckoned that it was VITAL to have protein with every meal. And I always feel a lot better when I eat that way too.

    (PS, I'm using Beet instead of MistressB now and happy new year love!)


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