the bookseat

This overly-bright-taken-with-flash image was taken when I first received this handy dandy little item as a Mother's Day gift almost two years ago.
Made in similar fashion to those giant beanbags that people flop into, this mini beanbag is for books. Only for small novels though, as it's about 22cm high by 26cm wide.

I spotted this cute little beanbag in Dymocks when I was there once with my daughter. I exclaimed over it and she asked what colour I'd prefer if she was to buy me one for a gift. I opted for red, since most of my bedroom is red in various shades.

It has a little drawstring thingy which can be loosened and tightened easily to fit your book and for when turning pages.

This is the small plastic holder that rests against the book and holds the pages open, so handy when both hands are otherwise occupied. You know, with typing on your blog, or eating dinner, or holding a hot chocolate when you're propped up in bed on a cool early early morning.

Here is a full view of the bookseat, sitting next to my laptop, holding the novel I'm currently reading.

The Lonely Dead by Michael Marshall.
It's a sequel to his earlier novel, The Straw Men.


  1. Cute! Maybe I could hint for one for Mothers' Day - that's far enough away for me to make it really obvious.

  2. Ha I fall asleep reading . . . that looks like the book might.

  3. Kath; they come in other colours, I remember purple, but not the others. I'd suggest looking at them and deciding what colour to hint for.

    Baino; my book rarely falls asleep before I do.

  4. These are great - got one for mum-in-law whose arthritis makes it difficult to hold books! I was hoping someone would make the connection to a prezzie for me - but so far no dice!

  5. Red Nomad OZ; buy yourself a pressie. Go on, you know you want to.....

  6. I've never seen anything like it before! Too cute!

  7. Lightening; you need to get to Adelaide more often.

  8. Don't forget to read Marshall's third book of this set, Blood of Angels. Funnily enough I picked up the last two in a sale and loved them so found the first at the Book Depository and if I'd read that one at the beginning I might not have bothered with going on but his writing just got better.


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