still falling asleep at the drop of a hat

Having never had gastro before, (an occasional allergic reaction to too much dairy doesn't count), I'm not really sure what to expect in terms of recovery. I know it will take time and I need to be careful what and how much I eat for a while. But that's my entire amount of knowledge.

I've been hungry quite a lot today, and the doctor early this morning (the clinic opens at 7am) did tell me I could start eating normal foods. So I made toast for breakfast, two slices, but could only manage one. By lunchtime I felt I was starving, not surprising since all I'd eaten since last Tuesday was a half dozen salada crackers and two of those were yesterday. But all I could face were more saladas, with tomato. Everything else seemed unappetising. Once again, one cracker was enough.

Dinner? I really felt like pasta, so tried a frozen beef ravioli from Lean Cuisine. I don't like them much because there's always too much sauce, not enough pasta, but in case of emergency, head to the freezer. It's a very small serving, compared to what I would normally eat, but I couldn't eat it all. Tossed at least half back in the freezer to go out with tomorrow's garbage collection.

Now, almost 3 hours later, I'm starving again, so another cracker with tomato is being nibbled as I type. Tomorrow, I'll forget real food and stick with crackers, maybe try some fruit. I have cherries and plums, yum.

I have zero energy and I'm still falling asleep at the drop of a hat.
Full recovery is going to take a while longer.......

I did get a certificate excluding me from work tomorrow, but on Wednesday, I'll have to go.


  1. Grab yourself some Staminade, sounds like you may need a boost.
    Take it easy :)

  2. I think your mood is low.

  3. Crikey River sounds like you have Uber Gastro and maybe some other viral thing if you're achy and sleepy?

    I dunno I go away for a couple of weeks and you've broken down on me!

    Seriously though, I hope you are keeping your liquids up, getting heaps of rest and will feel better and perkier soon. (is there an up side to this? The only person to have lost weight during the silly season?)

  4. Nah River, don't feed the bug. Little meals and often. Take it easy and go back when you're better. That's what Personal Leave is for after all.

  5. Jayne; I got powerade which I'm drinking in between the glasses of water. Is there much difference between the two?

    R.H. mood is much better now the vicious headache has let go of me.

    Kath; you're back!! yep, the dreaded gastro got hold of me. I thought it was just a tummy bug and let it go too far....I NEVER want to feel like that again! (only lost 2kg too)

    Baino; I found out today that if I eat small meals often, the headache doesn't grab hold, and my tummy stays more settled. It has to be something with protein though. A quick biscuit just doesn't do it. So I spent the afternoon cooking things that I can eat cold as soon as I start to feel empty, and that I can take to work tomorrow. But I won't be staying if I feel too unwell. They can manage without me!


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