me? little old me?

I'm a little excited. Just a little. Maybe a little more than that. Oh heck! I'm doing backflips here!
(mental backflips, I can't do physical backflips.....)

After I posted about the beehive last Saturday, January 15th, I emailed the local council and also the local free newspaper, The Messenger.
You know, in case they'd be interested in a local story of something not normally seen on a roundabout at an intersection. I said they could use the article and the photos if they wished.

As it turns out, they are interested. A nice lady named Jane phoned me this morning and asked if I'd like to have my photo taken at the beehive site so they could feature me along with the story.

We had a nice little chat, then decided to take a photo of me this afternoon, at 2pm, standing by the bees, with my camera.

Well, I raced into the shower and washed my hair........because I can't appear in the paper with messy hair now, can I?


  1. First Peter Goers radio show, then this blog and now newspaper stardom! Go River!

  2. Kath; I may have to make plans to start selling my autograph.....

    Frogdancer; Fun was had. The lovely Helen took many photos of me and I took a couple of her.

  3. Nice that the asked you instead of just stealing your knowledge and sending out their own photographer like a local paper did with one of mine.

  4. You need a manager.
    RH is experienced managing women.

  5. Haha 15 minutes of fame. All anyone could ask for.


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