well, now I'm annoyed.

Way back in the mists of memory, (May last year), I remembered going online and signing up for online supermarket shopping. I never bothered to actually shop online, just kept the option in case I was ever housebound for any reason.
Today I thought, I'll shop online tonight, give it a go, see how it all works, blah, blah, blah.

Logged in , remembered my password and all. Got a message saying my address no longer matches a location in their system.
What?? I'm non-existent now??

So I guess I'm making a couple of trips to ----- tomorrow with my trusty little granny trolley.
Then I'll go back to the site and email them to find out why. (Possibly not enough people in this area have chosen the online option, so it's not worth while for the store?)
I prefer browsing the aisles myself anyway, but to have the option removed when it was previously available seems a little unfair. What if I was housebound?
(First option there is call the kids and get them to help, but not everyone has that option....)

On a happier note, I saw the orthopaedic surgeon again today, because my local doctor wasn't happy with the range of movement my shoulder was or wasn't getting. After a bit of examination and discussion, the problem appears to be a stiffness in the neck and back muscles, partly because of arthritis and partly because of not getting used enough with the limited duties I'm doing at work. So the shoulder exercises are causing some grief in the tight areas of back and neck. The surgeon has recommended some physio, which I haven't had so far, and I'll start seeing the physiotherapist at the local medical clinic next week. Hopefully after the initial round of pain this is sure to bring, I'll see some improvement.

I found out just how tight my back and neck has become earlier this afternoon, when I used my second massage gift certificate, and had the lovely K massage my back for me.
The soothing rubbing movements were okay, but the deeper pressure and the extra deep pressure put on the trigger points had me gasping and gripping the sides of the massage table.

But as I left and started walking home, I did notice a little difference in my back movement.
I'm sure I'll feel the effects of those pressure points tomorrow, but a hot shower should help with that and walking to and from the supermarket will too.


  1. Hope you start to find some improvement soon.
    I'll definitely be meeting you at the bloggers conference so you better be good by then lol.

  2. Jayne; I'll be as good as I can be. Really, I'm not too bad now, as long as I've been up and around a bit to get loosened. It's that first stiff hour or so out of bed, or when I've been sitting too long with the computer or a good book, the stiffness sets in.

  3. You still exist but have clearly 'expired' in the electronic eyes of a system that has killed you off due to lack of use.

    How ironic then that your muscles aren't been used enough at work to help your rehab- keep doing what the good doctor(s) tell you and keep on walking everywhere you can too. Sometimes just the rhythmic swinging of your arms can loosen the back and shoulders. Thus ends the amateur medical advice from someone who studied ancient Roman and Greek art!

  4. Kath; yes. I definitely need to start up the walking program again. Now that my legs feel like legs again and not like jelly.


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