apologies to all blogs I don't get around to

I have many blogs on my reading list and I'd love to get around to all of you every day.

But just lately, for at least a week now, maybe a bit longer, I'm having trouble with my internet connection.

I'm online, reading away, when suddenly my connection is cut off. just like that, I'm staring at a black screen.

I press the power button to turn off the computer, leave it a minute, then start it up again and try to reconnect. Most nights? Nothing. Not even a dial tone.
Sucky, sucky, sucky, sucky, sucky.......

Tonight, after trying to reconnect, I used the start menu to shut down properly. As soon as it shut down, my computer turned itself on again. What's going on here??

It didn't dial a connection automatically like it is supposed to, I went through the start menu and dialled a connection that way.
So here I am back online.
For how long? Who knows?

I don't have broadband, I have a dial-up connection, I pay $34.95 for 45 days of unlimited access. That's unlimited access, people.
My current usage doesn't expire until February 4th.
So I don't see any reason for my connection to suddenly drop out.

Now that I'm back online, I'll try to read as many of you as I can get to.
If I don't leave comments, that's just because I'm trying to get through my list before the connection cuts out again.


  1. You can get quite cheap broadband as long as you you don't download movies or listen to online radio etc. There is even a subsidised scheme for social security recipients. Our old clunker back in '99 coped with a broadband connection. Did you say in your last post that you use a laptop? Vodafone had 1.5gb broadband via a dongle for $15 per month.

  2. Andrew; I have a mobile broadband usb stick thingy, the first time I used it I think I had 3GB which lasted me less than a week. Apparently optusnet counts even emails as downloads, and the number of blogs I read far exceeds any amount I can pay for. I'm looking at maybe Dodo, they have a high GB allowance for much less than the others.

  3. I have Dodo and they're not bad. Have a look at their plans, I think I've seen plans for $29 for unlimited access on the slower broadband.

    I couldn't go back to dialup. It was awful.

  4. May i suggest 3 Mobile Broadband i'm on a 2 GB a month for $29.00 this is more than i need, maybe you could try 7 GB a month for $49.00 see what ya think.

  5. Veronica; I had some Dodo information somewhere, but I've lost it. I'll be looking for it now, though. $29 a month for unlimited? Sounds good. I wouldn't mind if it was a bit slow.

    Windsmoke; 7GB a month would go nowhere I think. I could be wrong, but I really have no idea how much I actually use. That's why I love the unlimited deals.

  6. River, this is what happened to me with dial-up until the speed was nil.
    With any of these deals it's not the charge per month/s, it's the initial start up fee. My advice, find a 16 year old nerd at Tandy or Dick Smith, don't go to the Internet stores.


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