tendrils are so cute

I love them.
Soft and green and curly.
They're everywhere in my little "farm" right now.
Beans, rockmelons, pumpkins, all climbing up and around their supports.

I've been working on this post since 8pm.
My stoopid computer took forever to load each picture.
I was almost tearing my hair out in frustration at the slowness!

See this one here, a rockmelon tendril.

And another rockmelon tendril.

Yet another tendril. Am I boring you yet?

Alright, let's move on.

These are tiny baby carrot seedlings, barely two inches tall.
I'm curious about what colour the carrots might be, the seeds are from a packet of a heritage mixed variety. The colours could be orange, yellow, white or purple.

This is a bean flower, it's on one of the climbing beans. The bush beans haven't progressed to flowering yet.
Such a delicate pink blush on it.

My pumpkin vines are covered in these little flower buds. I'm hoping for a nice mix of male and female flowers.

And look at this!
One of the mini rockmelons has flowers!

I love the bright yellow colour.

Finally, the frangipani cutting in the same tub as the pumpkin vines. I've had this cutting for about three years now and it's grown taller, but never had more than one leaf on it.
Look at how many leaves are on this now!
The leaves are those skinny bronze coloured things at the very top. They'll green up as they grow and unfurl.

See the black and white bits in the middle?
Flower buds. Yesirre Bob!! I'm going to have a flowering frangipani!
I've tried to grow frangipanis several times over the years, but never succeeded.
I'm overjoyed with this one.

I think it's the plain white-yellow variety. Very pretty. I hope to one day grow a pink one and a red one. I love frangipanis.
A little blurry, because my hands were shaky, but I'm sure you can see them well enough.
And finally, finally, I can hit publish!

Still haven't got the hang of evenly spacing text and photos..........sigh.


  1. Mid-January, the dead of winter in Minnesota, and those little tendrils did me a world of good. :-) Thank you!


  2. Sweet photos, you're making me feel very lazy having so much land and no veggie patch. Yeh my photos take a long time to upload as well due to high resollution and crappy upload speed but it's worth it in the end.

  3. These photos are amazing. A wonder!

  4. Pearl; I aim to please.

    Baino; I get impatient when it freezes and I have to cancel the upload and start over, sometimes several times per image.

    Kass; thank you.

  5. Tendrils should be a new category on 'CuteOverload' I reckon :) I've said it before and I'll say it again - you take wonderful photos.

    Could I be bold and say that the frangipani is flowering because its owner, too, made some huge changes last year and is finally blossoming in her own right???

  6. Kath; goshdarn it, you're making me blush...

    Jayne; thank you.


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