I've helped a bit

It's 5am.
I'm lying in bed.

Mind: get up, get up, get up.
Body: Ssssshhh.

Mind: No, get up. If we go now, we can be at the shop when it opens, do the shopping and be
home before the morning heats up.
Body: Shut up already, I'm sleeping here.

Mind: oh come on....
Body: Grrr

Mind: Fine! Goes off to sulk in a corner, where she falls asleep, only to be rudely woken by Body at 7.30am.

Body: get up, get up, I have to pee!
Mind: ah heck!

Stumble into the bathroom, then to the kitchen for some juice, then we head to the shop.

Where I did this--->

And went home feeling good about myself.


  1. We donated a couple of days ago even though I earn nothing right now - it seemed like the right thing to do.

    Sapphire ran 3km today, chatting to me happily all the while she did it. When *I* run I can barely grunt 'yep' let alone have a conversation like she does!

  2. Every bit helps that's for sure :)

  3. Kath; don't you just envy the effortless fitness of youth?

    Beet; that's something my mum always used to say.


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