Sunday Selections #1

My good friend Kim, over at Frog Ponds Rock, has started a Sunday Selections meme

To participate, all you need to do is add your name to her linky list, post a selection of photos from the many that are waiting patiently in your photo folders, and link back to Kim on your blog.

I quite like this idea, it saves me from having to think of a blog post when I'd prefer to think about dinner, plus makes me sort through some of the many, many, unused photos in my folders that would otherwise never see the light of day.

Here is this week's selection.


  1. OOOOOH Great photos River. I love the top one. and what flower is that middle one? it is very interesting looking. Thanks heaps for joining in I am going to do it every Sunday I reckon. Cheers Kim

  2. The middle photo looks like passionfruit. I'm growing them now.

  3. Frogpondsrock; the middle one is a passionfruit flower. Taken with the macro lens. I just wish I knew what the bottom one is. The plant grew very tall, then the flower appeared way up the top, as each flower died it left a long brown seed pod, then the next flower would bloom. I no longer have the plant, it went to the Community Garden.

    Tiff; thanks. Your photos are stunning too.

    R.H. you get the gold star. It is a passionfruit, the vine is by my back fence.

  4. Thanks. A gold star is okay but I'd prefer a sheriff's badge.

  5. I just love the passion fruit flower!

  6. Jientje; welcome to drifting. I'm not a fan of passionfruit the fruit, so I've never taken much notice before, but when we put the vine in for a quick cover up of the back fence, I started noticing things like flowers and tendrils and new baby leaves.

    Being Me; thank you.

  7. My vines are new, not in flower yet, but I grew a vine years ago and was shocked by how spectacular the flowers are: strange, exquisite.


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